Quick Pressure Cooker Recipe Rosy Meat

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There are days when I love my electric pressure cooker and days when I can’t find a single recipe that works. Despite all of those recipes that I have which, honestly, work perfectly well.

Perhaps you struggle with that, too, wondering how to make something in your electric pressure cooker that makes it worthwhile to lug that heavy contraption out.

Rosy Meat is a recipe that I have been making for years, long before I ever knew what an electric pressure cooker was.

I’ve made it in a slowcooker and on the stovetop, including on the wood cookstove. I’ve made it with commercially canned products and homemade, and everything in between. It’s versatile and delicious.

And it is almost perfectly designed for the electric pressure cooker.

The ingredients really can’t be simpler. You need:

1 pint cranberry sauce – homemade cranberry sauce with whole berries, or cranberry jelly, or the commercial equivalent. Once my mom wanted to make it with whole frozen cranberries. We added 1 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar – it turned out great.

1 pint tomato sauce – I’ve made this with pretty much every variation of tomato+sauce, including commercially canned tomato soup, chunky primavera pasta sauce, and barbecue sauce. They all turn out differently but they’re all good.

and some meat. Meatballs, chunks of cooked ham, a few raw chicken breasts … a lot of different things work with it. We’re using meatballs today – maybe three pounds?

This recipe is just made for flexibility. Hey, do you notice the lid on that cranberry sauce? Don’t believe people who tell you to toss your home-canned food after a year. March 2017 it is, and that cranberry sauce is every bit as good as when I put it up. How’s that for energy-saving food storage?

Home-canning is basically a time capsule in a jar.

Just wash off the lid really well before you open it.

Here’s a secret ingredient today – I’m adding a drained pint of carrots. We have one little boy who insists he hates carrots.

He doesn’t. But he thinks he does.

So I’m pureeing the tomatoes and carrots before adding them to the electric pressure cooker.

No carrot chunks in there.

This recipe is so simple my nine year old makes it.

Mix the tomato sauce and cranberry sauce. Add meat. Heat through. Obviously raw chicken breasts take longer than fully cooked meatballs, and the sauce will look slightly different in the end.

It doesn’t really look so great before it cooks, but most things don’t.

I’m making it in my electric pressure cooker today. You can use a crockpot. You could put it in a covered casserole and put it in the oven (although that seems like a waste of electricity). And if you want to put it in a covered pot and let it simmer on the stove, that works, too!

Cover the pot, though, because it makes the same splattery mess that tomato products always make.

It’s good stuff.

When it comes to serving this, the sky is the limit again.

It works well with plain white rice.

You could serve it over mashed potatoes.

These meatballs are positively delicious in a meatball sub.

You could probably take them out of the sauce, stick toothpicks in them and call them appetizers.

Don’t toss out any leftover sauce. It keeps just fine in the refrigerator for several days, and you can add a different kind of meat to it. Maybe meatballs tonight and a few chicken breasts a few days from today?