Why I Am Having an Easter Egg Hunt This Year

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How can Christian families deal with events like Easter Egg hunts?

During the Easter season, there are many events going on from the sublime to the silly. While some are waking early for a sunrise church service, others are running around looking for eggs left by …. a rabbit? It seems rather non-Christian and for good reason. The earliest roots of the Easter Egg hunting are anything but Christian. There are no Easter bunnies in the Bible, and no record of children painting eggs or hunting for baskets of goodies.

In fact, there’s no mention of Easter.

However, early Christians did celebrate the resurrection very early, regardless of what they may have called it. Until the fourth century, Easter and Pentecost were the only holy days celebrated in the church. And … well, the decorated eggs showed up pretty early, too.

The celebration of Easter, despite the name, is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And fair disclosure here – I have never, not once in my entire life, participated in an Easter Egg hunt. Isn’t that strange?

And I have to admit, I needed to have a friend of mine explain Easter Egg hunting to me, and help me understand why it’s fun.

So why am I planning one this year?

This is where I insert a picture of myself surrounded by plastic eggs, captioned “Yes. It’s me, Marie. And you might be wondering how I got here.” Because just as we don’t ‘do Santa’, we most assuredly don’t ‘do the bunny’.

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Rabbits do not lay eggsIt’s in large part because of my friend Alicia Michelle and her wonderful Christ-centered holidays series, and specifically the Christ-centered Easter package. For the first time, I am seeing how Easter egg hunting and Jesus can go hand in hand. Her Christ-centered Easter package is overflowing with information and options, and it can be used in different ways depending on the age and makeup of your family.

So, from a fun Easter Egg hunt that introduces our little ones to God’s Easter Gifts … and leading right up to individual and family Bible studies, this package has just about everything you’ll need to celebrate Easter in a Christ-centered way.

My little girls are just three and four, and my boys like to play more than they like to sit still, so we’ll be keeping it simple this year. Next year the boys will be old enough to work through the Bible study on their own. I’ve been selecting decor printables from the Christ-based Easter package and we’ll be doing the Easter Egg hunt as a family. (As a quick note, my husband and I will be working through the We Choose Rebirth marriage devotional!)

Eggs are a symbol of new life and have been used as such for centuries. Easter recipes from around the world often use eggs – in part because that’s when the hens have started laying again and because people are craving delicious fresh eggs! But the egg, wrapped in its impenetrable white shell, also makes a wonderful reminder of Christ’s resurrection.

The tradition of decorating Easter eggs – Paschal eggs – goes back to the earliest days of the church. Early Christians would dye them red to represent the blood of Christ, but sometimes they’d dye them yellow or green, too. One delightful legend is that Mary of Magdalene went to the Emperor to tell him “Christ has risen.” to which he responded “He is no more risen than that egg is red.” Legend says that the egg instantly turned red.

While there are still many who avoid meat during Lent, you may not know that some also avoid eggs. However, once Easter Sunday arrives, eggs come back on the plate – and in the basket and hiding under the sofa – as a delicious food and a symbol of resurrection and the beginning of new life.

And there’s no need for a bunny rabbit who thinks he’s a hen.

Have a fun-filled Easter Egg hunt while celebrating an Easter that is about Christ

Christ-Centered Easter Resources

There are three different packages that are available, depending on what your family needs. There are different bonuses available for those who purchase it during the launch week.


Access to Private FB Group where Alicia will lead the Bible Study (March 18-April 7). I’m excited about doing this Bible study – it will be like hanging out with my friend Alicia again.


3 BONUS days of the Bible study/devotional


5 “Story of Easter” Coloring Pages that tell the story of Jesus’ baptism, ministry, crucifixion and resurrection


“He Is Risen” Mini Banner

And anyone who gets the Bundle package will get access to ALL of these bonuses but only during launch week.

But the Easter Egg Hunt!

Obviously, the eggs feature in an Easter egg hunt, which makes it a lot of fun. I just came back from the store and it took me an hour to really look through all of the different eggs that were available. Many kind of eggs have been used – hard boiled eggs, chocolate eggs, decorated eggs, plastic eggs and even incredibly ornate eggs. And sometimes … as we are going to be doing, plastic eggs can be filled with surprises.

These eggs – however they are decorated or filled – are hidden for the children to find. A friend of mine tells me that this is supposed to be done outdoors. That’s not necessarily going to work around here, because Easter is often cold and wet, with soggy wet ground that’s still too wet to plant in or walk on!

So we’ll be doing ours in the house.

We won’t be decorating the eggs since I’m using plastic coloured eggs. In each one, I’m hiding a bit of candy and a little Activity card. These pretty little cards are sized just right for the eggs.

The children start with with their baskets and the hunt is on. We rarely encourage competition at our house, so the goal will be for them all to work together to find all 48 of the eggs. My four year old daughter helped me print them off, so she’s had a sneak peak. There are four children and four colours of eggs, so each child has twelve eggs to find.

Our Easter Schedule

March 18 – Begin women’s Bible Study Restored and Renewed and follow along in the Facebook group with Alicia Michelle

April 5 – Day One of children’s Bible Study God’s Easter Gifts; Put up the Happy Easter banner; Begin We Choose Rebirth Marriage Study

April 8 – Put up the Happy Easter banner from the Home Decor Package

April 9 – Palm Sunday – Print off the colouring pages, a copy for each child

April 10 – Start the Risen Bible Study (Family)

April 13 – Maundy Thursday

April 14 – Good Friday

April 15 – Prepare eggs for Easter Egg Hunt using Activity Cards from God’s Easter Gifts

April 16 – Easter – Church – Easter Egg Hunt – Finish Family and Women’s Bible Study

If your family is like mine, then do yourself a favour and get the full Bundle. The retail value, including bonuses, is $120 and the cost during launch week is only $69.99.

No Cooking Easter Morning!

Between our Easter Egg hunt and church, there will be even less time than normal on Easter Sunday.  You might want to join me for a stress-free Easter morning breakfast.

Before you head to bed, fry up 1 pound bacon or loose sausage. We’ll be using bacon. Allow it to cool a bit and chop it up. Dice 1 small onion while you’re at it. Crack open 12 eggs and whisk them up in a large bowl. Add some salt and pepper to the eggs. Get out your slow cooker and a big 32 oz. bag of shredded hash browns.

Spray the slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray and layer 1/3 of the hash browns in the bottom of the crock. Top with 1/3 of the bacon or sausage and ½ cup of cheese. Repeat these layers two more times (omitting the cheese on the last layer). Pour the egg mixture over everything and top with the last ½ cup of cheese.

You can either cook this on low in your slowcooker for 10-12 hours OR put it in a covered casserole dish instead of the slowcooker and place it in the fridge. If you do it in a casserole, place it in a COLD oven and then turn the oven to 350F. Never put a cold casserole dish into a hot oven. It should take about an hour to cook through.

We are having an Easter Egg hunt this year. Here's why!