2 guys and a cat

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Hello, I’m Wes (22) and my boyfriend is Leo (21). We are wanting to move off-grid and start a life with nature. We’ve spent the last several months researching different building methods and what it actually takes to live off the grid. As it stands we could build a home from recycled/natural materials, but we lack electrician and gardening skills. We are open minded hard working individuals looking to make a difference wherever we may end up. 

We currently live and work in Edmond OK, and we have some income but are not wealthy.  As it stands we do plan on keeping our job during construction to have some money coming in to help with the building and other expenses. If there’s temporary living quarters we could devote almost all of our income to the project. We are very passionate about living in harmony with our world and nature, and we will always strive to be valuable assets to any off-grid community.


Oh, we also have a cat that would be coming with us. He’s a large (not fat) silver tabby who would make a wonderful barn cat.

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