The Days of Elijah, Book Two: Wormwood Now Available! Plus IFAK Giveaway

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The Days of Elijah, Book Two, Wormwood is now available on in Paper Back, Kindle and Audiobook. The audio usually takes a little longer, but Kevin Pierce, my audio book producer was able to get it in early so we could start the approval process in time for it to come out with the other versions.

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In The Days of Elijah, Book Two: Wormwood, Everett and Courtney Carroll have survived the Seven Seal Judgments which devastated the planet. But have their efforts to stay alive been in vain? The next series of judgments to fall upon the earth are known as the Seven Trumpets. Within this series of cataclysms is the earth’s collision with a giant asteroid, known as Wormwood. The comet will poison much of the planet’s fresh water supplies, making survival nearly impossible. With each subsequent Trumpet Judgement their odds of living grow slimmer. If Everett and Courtney are to survive, they’ll need perseverance, faith, and a great outpouring of providence from The Almighty.

Buy your copy of The Days of Elijah, Book Two: Wormwood  jump into this post-apocalyptic adventure today!

IFAK Giveaway!

As always, I’m hosting a giveaway to celebrate the release. I’m giving away a fully stocked Prepper Recon IFAK complete with an Israeli battle dressing, quick clot, tourniquet, suture kit, EMT shears, nitrile gloves, sanitizer, burn gel, antibiotic gel, Advil, gauze and bandages.


To enter the giveaway:

1. Leave a review for The Days of Elijah, Book Two, Wormwood on

2. Send an email to including your Amazon screen and use Wormwood Giveaway for the subject line.

The winner’s screen name will be posted on Prepper Recon on March 31st and they’ll be notified via email.

Enjoy the book and God speed in the drawing!


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