Going off grid on BC coast soon… possible land share?

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My wife and I are retiring soon and will be travelling around the BC coast looking for just the right property for 1 or 2 years. We only need a couple acres for food production but more land is needed for a wood supply and greater chance of workable wind, water and solar power installation. So.. many more acres are needed simply  to increase the chances of a place for a windmill, have creek/river flowing .. or open area for solar. We are happy to have the greater distance from others.. but still.. a larger expense for what will be less than another couple acres actually utilized.

I am wondering if there is anyone else considering the BC coast that might be interested in purchasing a larger land area for the same reasons.. and the possibility of co-purchasing land (homesteading on opposite sides) to reduce the cost but still have the privacy and ownership. For growing, we are looking to stay in a fairly temperate range .. mid Vancouver island (east side) or mainland in same latitudes. We are also considering mid central BC. We would share the common land and collaborate in some ways, but not looking for a ‘cohabitation’ per say.. or a support mechanism.. pretty much separate homesteads with a common land area for wood/solar/wind/water power generation shared for common cost saving in land.

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