Wanting to buy an island with others

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Do you want to go back in time, buy an island,  and live without running water and electricity and fish and garden and tend to chickens and rabbits and pick mangoes and coconuts and pineapples and live at the equator where the weather is perfect year-round? Us too – but we can’t afford an island and boat on our own – so if we can get several families to go in together and make this dream a reality, great! Christians encouraged to contact us. But we don’t discriminate. call and leave a message if you get voice-mail. I don’t have a good signal often, so at times my phone doesn’t ring. I’m in northern Arizona now. four-eight-zero-two-zero-two-three-four-zero-three. I listed this in the bahamas as I’m hoping that’s the area where we can go – maybe off the coast of honduras or something.

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