A New Adventure

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So Phil and I have lived here on this lake many, many…many years now and never had a boat. I’m a bit fearful of boats….well not of boats exactly but of the lovely thing (snakes…turtles…alligators) that we have swimming in the water here. I don’t want to fall in with them! But I do like the idea of having a boat to go fishing because shore fishing just isn’t very good here. However, it has never been on our agenda to actually buy a boat….having one given to you is a whole different story.
One of Phil’s bosses gave his a jon boat this week..free…with the trailer and all! It is in rough shape but IT WAS FREE! So boating has become the new adventure but first there is the “fixing up” part.

The plan is to replace the decking, and add in some storage spaces. Replace the seats and fix the lights on the trailer. I’ll have pictures as we progress.