PIC REVIEW – KRAV MAGA – Tactical Survival – Personal Safety in Action

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There are many situations in which you could find yourself without a means to defend yourself.  In those situations, knowing something like Krav Maga would be invaluable.  The best training would be one on one with an expert.  However, if you can’t afford training or live in an area where you can’t access a gym, a book might be the next best thing.

In Krav Maga, Tactical Survival, Personal Safety in Action, Gershon Ben Keren writes, “Rather than simply present an encyclopedia of techniques, I have tried to demonstrate what real-world violence looks like and how Krav Maga can be used to deal with it.  This is not a book about techniques, but about solutions to violence – which may be non-physical as well as physical.”

Getting the pictures for this review was a little frustrating.  The pages are so glossy that every camera angle that I tried reflected back the glare (see below).  The pages are also thick, making the book heavy.  All of these things are not negatives.  They speak to the quality materials the publisher used to put this book together.

Krav Maga, Tactical Survival, Personal Safety in Action can be found at Amazon.  It has 44 reviews and a full five stars.


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