Permaculture with perks – builder, solar-installer, garden-lover

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Hi I’m Stuart.

I’m 31 and I’m fed up, like a lot of people, of the mundane day to day spend, work etc bull. So for years I dream and done to an extent self sufficantcy . I m looking at land in Cataliona Spain for full organic permaculture set up. Plus I have a few buisness / new ideas to keep a bit of cash flowing as in this world how it is you need s little . But saying that I want a group of loving friendly people to help and join this adventure . And pretty much live life to the max 👍If you wanna know more about my ideas and what I m looking for you can email me and we can Skype etc to see if we’re on the same wave length I’m based in London uk at the moment but have looked at many spainish property’s this year alone , just looking for the right people . Email cheers hope to speak soon

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