Food Storage Secrets You Need To Know

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I’m sharing some food storage secrets you need to know before you go crazy buying food for your pantry. I’m talking about long term food storage today. Let me say one thing, I do not look at the calories in the #10 cans I purchase because I don’t count calories in the food I’m eating today. I probably should, but I don’t. This is how I see food storage for Mark and me, the food I purchase we must both like eating. Sure, I can hear some of you say, you will eat whatever if you are starving. Yes, I’m sure that may be true. Here’s the deal, I do not buy meals, nope, I will not. I cook from scratch and I don’t like the stuff listed on the packaged “meals” for long-term storage.

I may have told you before, I do not eat out except occasionally because the food at restaurants is cooked with lots of salt and butter. It’s called fat calories and they are expensive calories.That’s why people think it tastes so yummy but when you cook from scratch you get sick from all the butter and salt when you eat out. Here’s the deal I am not talking about just fast food places, I’m talking about simple restaurants and even fancy eating places too!

I have been at Costco or similar large box stores and they have these buckets with small packages of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for emergency meals. Now, I understand this may be easier for you to just pick up a bucket, take it home and set it on your pantry shelf. Yes, that is very easy and it’s better than not having any food storage. You can see the calories listed, the serving sizes, etc. Good grief, Mark would be starving if he had the breakfasts shown on a bucket I saw.

I would much rather make my own pancakes from scratch or oatmeal for breakfast with or without syrup. I won’t need butter because I don’t put butter on my pancakes now. My point is this, some of those pre-packaged meals have ingredients you can’t pronounce. I almost feel guilty saying that because I use cans of cream of chicken soup, but that’s how I roll. I can make just about any meal with a can of that stuff. I have tried every recipe for making my own cream of chicken soup from scratch but I don’t care for any of them.

I know certain companies make you set an appointment to have a salesman come to your home to purchase their food storage. Well, I’m not sure if they still do this but I would feel trapped. I like to buy a few #10 cans every month or so. I can’t afford a pallet of food to be delivered to my home with ingredients I can’t pronounce.  When you have time sign up with companies you like to use. You can receive emails when they have items on sale.

I hope you check the price per ounce because all those #10 cans are the same size BUT they may differ greatly in weight and shipping costs. Believe me, there is a big difference in the amount in the cans. Just giving you thheads-upup. Please remember we must store water and lots of it.

Food Storage Secrets You Need To Know

I totally get it when people say to me, “where do I start” when buying food storage. It goes back to this printout I use at every class where I teach about food storage: Where Do I Start by Food Storage Moms? So before you buy, look at the sodium levels, look at the ingredients. I know the pictures look fabulous on the bucket or those small packages but wait. Before you buy several buckets, buy one bucket and do a taste test with them at home. Go back and buy more if you can eat them. Remember, if you won’t eat that stuff today, will you eat it next year? Buy a few packages of those ready to eat bags where you only add hot water and see if you will like eating them for days or weeks. Please test them before you buy a LOT of them.

I only buy #10 cans of fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, cheese and I have a few cans of bacon. This bacon is really tasty but now remember it is not thick sliced bacon, but hey, I will take bacon any day after a disaster. 1/2 Case (6 Cans) Yoder’s Premium Canned Bacon I have yet to try any butter from any company that I would eat on bread, except I will use powdered butter for cooking but not for anything else. To me it is inedible, BUT I do like this brand: 24 Cans Red Feather Creamery Butter From New Zealand Watch for sales, it goes on sale a few times a year.

Food Storage Secrets You Need To Know
I’m typing the statements where the black arrows are: the can on the left is from Thrive Life and it says the ingredients are, red peppers, nothings else. Great! The can on the right is from Honeyville Grain and it says the ingredients in the can is a vegetable blend, (freeze dried corn, carrots, peas, red peppers, and tomatoes), nothing else. Great! SOLD! This is what I buy, freeze dried fruits, freeze dried vegetables, some dehydrated vegetables, freeze dried meats. I can make soups, casseroles, stews with a combination of any of these. The bonus, is they store for 25 years under optimal weather conditions. Please do not store your food storage in your garage if the temperatures go over 70 degrees.
Please read the cans, buckets, and packages for food storage secrets you need to know before you order them for long term storage. Read the labels, and buy what works for your family. May God bless you for being prepared for the unexpected.

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