NOAA Doubles Down — Since Fukushima, The Number of Unusual Mortality Events Has Dropped Sharply

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Wow, Just Wow.    I logged into NOAA site today, and was amazed at their audacity in lying about

the incredible number of mass die-offs.

One of their tricks is to group UME’s from 2016 and 2017 into one UME.   Poof!    The stats look much better.

Then they lumped 2013 to 2017 California Sea Lion UME’s into ONE UME!   Shameful!

Looking at this colorful chart, one would assume the oceans have never been in better shape.


Nukepro busted NOAA big time, about the cause of Marine Deaths, pretending that it was all about Domoic Acid, even though testing showed only a very small percentage was Domoic Acid.   Article here—


After lumping the  2013 to 2017 California Sea Lion UME’s into ONE UME, NOAA then has the disrepect to truth to also lump the Guadalupe Fur Seal UME in that same UME.

2015-2017 Guadalupe Fur Seal Unusual Mortality Event in California

Guadalupe fur seal undergoing rehabilitation.  Photo Credit: The Marine Mammal Center, NMFS Permit No. 932-1905 and 18786

Increased strandings of Guadalupe fur seals have occurred along the entire coast of California.  Guadalupe fur seals strandings began in January 2015 and were eight times higher than the historical average.  Strandings peaked from April through June 2015 and have since lessened.

stock here—see above…they are pretending “the problem is over, almost”.   But if you look at the statistics for 2017, through July 1 2017 one can see that the problem dropped a bit in 2016 but 2017 looks like it is back in full force if you extrapolate to the end of 2017.

From the NOAA “information”

 Another Method of NOAA lying is to called “Starving to Death” as Malnutrition.

I sent an Email to NOAA to ask them about this misreporting.   If I get an answer back I will update the article.

If you do a Google Search for Mass Die-Offs <year> you will get an amazing display of what is really going on.

At this site, I found a 2017 Mass Die Off of 82 massive dolphins that are 15 to 20 feet long and called False Killer Whales.

And then while researching that unlisted UME, came across a similar stranding/death of Dozens of Pilot Whales in 2013.

And just yesterday, reports of mass die-offs of Right Whales in Canada.


here is the email to the NOAA “Spokesperson”

She got mail also.   Will advise any response.