8 Principles For Welcoming Rain Into Your Life And Landscape

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This is an in-depth interview with Master Rainwater Collector Brad Lancaster. No matter where you live there will be dry spells to droughts. Having multiple sources of water is the best strategy – and Brad covers them all. In this interview you will discover:

  • The 8 principles for welcoming rain into your life and landscape
  • Why cisterns aren’t the best solution for collecting rain
  • How to deal with toxicity from tar roofs, automobile exhaust, bird droppings, and worse
  • How to work with landscapes that are either solid rock, super sandy, or thick clay.
  • Can mystical powers be used to call rain?

Brad lives in Tucson, AZ on a 1/8th acre lot where he only gets about 11″ of rain per year.   Brad grows about 25% of his own food in his yard and collects rain to supply all the water he and his landscape needs.

Listen to this fascinating interview with a Master of Rain Water Collection.

Download The Interview

Brads books “Harvesting Rainwater Volumes I & II” are available at Brads website at http://www.harvestingrainwater.com/

The pottery filter Brad mentions in the interview is at http://pottersforpeace.org/

Brad’s non-profit organization “Desert Harvesters” which teaches all about edible desert plants is located here  http://www.desertharvesters.org/


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