Valley of Vengeance: Interview With Franklin Horton

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Valley of Vengeance Interview With Franklin HortonIf there is anyone left out there who hasn’t read any of Franklin Hortons books, I highly suggest you do. If you are like me (and most preppers) you are always looking for movies to watch, and books to read that have something to do with why or how we prepare.

I’ll admit, I’m not a big reader. I think it’s because I can’t sit still long enough to finish a book. What’s great about Franklins books (and other top level prepper fiction authors) is that they are not only available at amazon, they are available at Audible as well. It’s much easier for me to listen to books while I’m working or driving.

In The Borrowed World, a series of terrorist attack has taken out fuel refineries, and wreaked all sorts of havoc in the United States. The book series chronicles the challenges and struggles the characters face on their way back home.

Valley of Vengeance is book 5 in The Borrowed World series, and the characters are reaching the end of their journey. Along the way, they have lost some friends, gained a few new ones, and found that they themselves have transformed into people they wouldn’t recognize a short while ago.

SPP213 Valley of Vengeance: Interview With Franklin Horton

Just like in our previous interview with Franklin, we didn’t want to make this podcast a book report. We decided to talk about how some of the situations in the books could apply to us, and give us an opportunity to ask ourselves “what would I do?”

If you have already read Franklins books, you will still love this podcast. And if you haven’t, this podcast will make you want to get a copy and start reading today.

Get a FREE Signed Copy!

At the end of the show Franklin mentioned that he would like to give away 2 signed copies of his books to a couple of our listeners. All you need to do is leave a comment below and tell us why you want one. Next week I will pick 2 random winners and send you an email.

Questions & Topics From the Show…

I half jokingly asked Franklin about if he had plans for taking his books to the big screen. His answer was “ABSOLUTELY”, nut the problem is getting it in front of the right eyeballs. I think the Borrowed World books would make a great mini series, ore even weekly TV show…but I would settle for a movie.

Valuable SHTF Skills

In any sort of post collapse or shtf scenario, skills are not only important for your survival, but they are also an important part of community. Even people that think they have nothing to offer could be a productive part of a community.

We talked about how everyone has something to add and how there are other factors than just skills like family, friendships, bonds.  A couple characters from the book are Alice’s mother who is a homesteader, and a HAM radio operator who found himself more useful than he thought he would be.

The Value of Community

This book series really shows how community and working together is important. From book 1 where everyone was trying to figure each other out, to this book, where everyone is settling in to their SHTF roles.

We talked about why community is so important and give some examples from the book. In a large scale disaster like this, having laborers, technicians, teachers, gardeners and security would all help to build a group that would better withstand the challenges you might face.

Operational Security

This book centers around the group having a fuel tanker, and people finding out they have it. In the book Jim’s father unwittingly spilled the beans, and started an unavoidable chain of events. In the book it was a fuel tanker, In the real world it could be anything that becomes more valuable than money.

We talked about how operational security, planning, and communication is so important. When something becomes a commodity, and people find out you have something they don’t, you become a target.

Preconceived Notions

In the book, there were good cops, and bad cops. The bad cops got away with stuff because of their uniforms. When we see people in uniform we make assumptions about them, and don’t think about the person behind the uniform.

We talked about how preconceived notions can be dangerous, and how people will make different decisions when there aren’t any rules or laws. We can’t afford to assume that just because someone looks like a professional, they are there to help us.


At this point in the series it’s interesting to see who everyone has become. Alice and Jim son are good examples. Everyone has gone from being that 9 to 5 worker, to embracing their SHTF personality. Even though none of this was by choice, it was necessary for their survival.

We talked about how a disaster might change you, how it changed them, and how (good or bad) we might be surprised with the choices we make. We might “miss the old days”, but if we don’t change and adapt to the new normal, we will get left behind.

Dealing with Death

One thing that doesn’t get talked about much in the preparedness community is how prevalent death will be. We tend to think about other dying, but not much about close family and friends, or being the one having to pull the trigger.

We talked about how we might find ourselves in this situation, and how we might react. It’s one thing to think about how everyone else might die, but it’s a totally different story when it hit’s close to home.

Franklin’s Future Plans

At the end of the show Franklin talked about his future plans. Right now he is working on a spin off series for Locker Nine which is book 4 in this series. He also mentioned how Valley of Vengeance is not the last book in the Borrowed World series…so stay tuned!

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