Preparedness = 2 Sets of Binoculars

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I’m going to make a suggestion: own two sets of quality binos, keep one set in your home and the other in your vehicle.  Quite often the focus is on weapons in vehicles, survival bags and various other items but binos are often overlooked.  Unless you were born with the eyes of an actual eagle, here are a few reasons why I suggest owning some decent binos and keeping them within arm’s reach.

In the Home

  • I live in the mountains, can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out on my deck and done a quick survey of the surrounding area.  Sometimes it’s general observation or because I thought I heard something during daylight hours.
  • Wife has come home before and notified me of a few vehicles or personnel not local to our area, pull the binos out and scan.
  • Threats in my area include fires, binos allow me to reach out beyond standard visual range in order to look for smoke signatures.

In the Vehicle

  • There have been a few times where I thought I was being followed, one turned out to be a reality.  In both instances i performed some standard procedures, made my way to a vantage point and was able to observe who I believed to be following me with detail because of the binos.
  • Overwatch.  There are several vantage points which allow me to overlook my property prior to entering the AO, sometimes I’ll pull off and scan with my binos just to make sure everything is good to go before driving down into the area.

Recommended Binos

I currently use the Nikon Trailblazer 10×25 variants from REI, I own 2 pair.  These are fantastic and allow you to be a little more low key than pulling out a giant rifle with a scope on it in order to glass something.  REI also has a great return policy, in case something goes wrong with them.

Bottom Line

I really hate the term combat multiplier, but binoculars are just that.  They are relatively cheap and compact and allow one to see far beyond normal eyesight range in order to assist with situational awareness.  I highly recommend picking up a pair or even two and keeping them in the home and vehicle.