North Korea a Serious Situation

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It reminds me of the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was a very serious situation then. We were dealing with sane people back then, but today the NoKo leadership are full blown nut cases.
We also find out today that NoKo has 10-20 miniature nuke warheads that can be delivered by their current missiles with the ability to reach the east coast. And don’t forget NoKo has subs that can deliver nukes. If we were issued an attack warning we would have only minutes till detonation.

If an EMP attack were to happen and it was only 25% as devastating as suggested it could be, we will as a country lose millions of citizens and the country may never recover from just one let alone multiple targets.

I suggest we review our preps now and restock accordingly with food, water, camping gear and plenty of propane for cooking and water sterilization.

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