Nukes, National Debt and North Korea

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Nukes, National Debt and North KoreaLooking back to just a year ago, my main preparedness concerns were an economic collapse, and this country slowly becoming a socialist state. While these are still high on the list, there are a couple of disaster scenarios that have moved up on my list.

A couple of the threats that have moved up on my list are a North Korean conflict, the possibility of an EMP, and the repercussions thereafter. Both could have long term consequences, and both are very real possibility’s.

SPP215 (Part 1) Nukes, National Debt and North Korea

This weeks show turned out to be a long one, so we split it into 2 parts. This week we talked mainly about how seriously we should take the North Korea threat, and the affects an EMP might have on us. At the end, Lisa went off a little bit talking about secret space programs, and what might be out there.

In next weeks show, Lisa and I will be talking about our national debt, and how it seems like there is a silent coup to unseat a duly elected president. Both of these could have serious long, and short term consequences that could turn our lives upside down.

The North Korea Threat

With all the big talk coming from Kim Jong-un’s pie hole these days, it’s hard to figure out what he could actually do, and how much we should be concerned. Couple that with our media’s propensity to over hype everything, It’s almost impossible to figure out what’s really going on.

The Media Hype Machine

These days, reporting the news is secondary to getting ratings. And getting ratings sometimes means creating news, or spinning news to make it interesting to their audience. This is true on both sides of the isle.

I’m not saying we should just ignore what is going on, it’s our responsibility to be prepared regardless. It’s important that we think with a level head, and not take everything the media says as fact.

Remember the Scud?

I hesitate to not give this the credit it deserves, but this North Korea situation reminds me of the Iraq war, and those feared scud missiles. In the days and weeks leading up to the Iraq war, we heard the same rhetoric, and heard the same media hype. We all know how that turned out.

The difference that has me concerned is that we are not talking about scud missiles, we’re talking about nuclear weapons. A nuclear war head launched for North Korea may not hit it’s target, but it will land somewhere.

False Flag and Distraction?

2 questions I always ask myself when something like this happens are, is this being hyped for a reason? And what are they distracting us from? In the show Lisa mentioned the latest Bilderberg meeting, and how they were discussing “population Control.”

I don’t get too deep into the tinfoil hat stuff, but when a bunch of rich people get together to decide our fate, or decide what is best for us, I get a little concerned. There is no better way of decreasing the population than WW3.

While opinions differ on whether or not WW2 ended the great depression, the timing is hard to ignore. My fear is that if the economy went into the tank, they would use that as an excuse or false flag event. History has shown that human life is secondary to the elites maintaining their power.

The Possibility of WW3

Any situation like North Korea makes me think about things escalating into WW3. While I don’t think this is likely, because they wouldn’t have many allies, it is a possibility. A conflict between North Korea, Iran, Russia and even China could be the catalyst to WW3.

The chain of events surrounding WW1 & 2 started with Austria and Serbia. Serbia was an ally with Russia, and Austria with Germany. Hitler’s rise to power was a direct result of WW1, and his promises to rebuild Germany.

Hitler and Kim Jong-un have very few similarities. Hitler was charismatic, a great speaker and lied to his people to get their buy in, while Kim Jong-un cares only about his survival. My point is, we never know what the catalyst for WW3 will be until we have the hindsight of history to layout the timeline for us.

The Bigger Picture

WW3 would look a lot different that WW1 and 2 because the weapons and tactics are so different. Nuclear weapons and ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) have changed the game.

The only time we have had enemy troops on U.S. soil was way back in the 1700’s when we kicked England out. While it would still be difficult for an enemy to get boots on the ground in the U.S., nuclear weapons mean they can bring war to our front door step.

The EMP Threat

I am not going to go into too much detail about preparing for an EMP because I have written extensively about it in the past. This article here explains how devastation an EMP could be, and this article goes over some of the precautions you should take.

There is no real consensus on what an EMP would actually do, but we can get an idea from the Carrington Event, which was a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) which causes the same type of damage.

Will cars be affected? Will our electronics be affected? Will the power grid be affected? All of these are questions that can’t be definitively answered because there are too many variables. Just like anything with preparedness, it’s best to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

Stepping Up My Game…

So what have we been doing differently? And how has our preparedness change? We haven’t exactly put our preparedness plans into overdrive, but we are making sure we are as prepared as we can be. At times like these, we can’t afford to take a week off.

We have purchased some extra long tern food storage, fuel, and increased our water storage, because regardless how likely, or unlikely a situation is, we want to be ready. I am also setting up a couple of trashcan Faraday cages, and making sure the family knows what to do in the case of an EMP or nuclear attack.

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