Charlottesville And The Deep State Attack

I had to weigh in on Charlottesville, at least quickly.

At 4:04 to 4:07 a 400 pound woman is receiving CPR and also having a baby. That seems unlikely, especially since it never made any “news” that would certainly be newsworthy.

And multiple citizens, shouting, “medic”, that also seems very unlikely, like something out of Mash. Looks like a drill to me.


Admittedly, the author, Higgins (who was fired and no one is denying that he was fired because he wrote that memo), does “juice it” a bit.   

Amazing how the WaPo (owned by Jeff Bezos) picks up expose’ of the narrative, and constructs it to mean that Trump is:

In an alternate reality
Terrifying combination of delusions

Then they compare him to Nixon, who incidentally was also “not to be trusted with nuclear launch codes”, and WaPo concludes with their end game, after dismissing every thing else as conspiracy “the end of this <presidency> cannot come soon enough.”