3 Tactical Preps You Probably Do NOT Need

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Tactical preps are ultra cool, always good to have some extra kit laying around because…”better to have and not need than need and not have.”  Right?  Or maybe time and money could be spent elsewhere, after all very few of us have money to throw around at whatever our tactical heart desires.  What follows are thoughts on preps that I actually own, things I’ve aquired over time and have a perspetive on and can give everyone (read: you who are new to the game or on a more restricted budget) tips concerning.  I’m not saying that one should not aspire to own these items but I can without a doubt state that most of us do not need to have any of these on the “must have” prep list.

Night Vision Goggles

Pro: See what goes bump in the night

Con: Good (or even cheap) ones are expensive, also need extras like mounts, helmets, IR lasers etc.

If night vision goggles were $300 a piece almost everyone would have a set, they are after all very cool and in areas where the bad guys might need some fixin under cover of darkness they are handy.  I get it…just in case right?  What if you have to jump out of bed and there your night vision will be on your bump helmet ready to go to defend you family etc etc.  A valiant effort at justification but unless you have the other skills / preps checked off the list, you don’t need these.  Save the $3000 to $10,000 and put it toward something with a better return.

Plate Carrier with Plates

Pro:  Level IV Body Armor, stops multiple hits of various rifle rounds

Con:  Total package kinda pricey, maybe $1,000 or so.

What’s your plan, jump out of the car and toss the body armor on?  Maybe toss it on when jumping out of bed at night when defending the homestead.  The reality is more like this:  wear it a couple times a year on a flat range for a couple hours and watch it collect dust otherwise.

10 AR’s, 10 Glocks

Pro: Redundancy

Con:  Unecessary, unless arming small militia after SHTF

I have multiple weapons in multiple calibers but the reality is I train with my G19 and M4 99.99999% of the time.  The rest collect dust in my safe, I train with what I’ll use and only shoot the others for novelty.  I look at each of those other guns and remember the rationalization for buying each and think, I fooled myself.  No problem collecting what you like but to buy all sorts of the same gun because you “need” them, it’s a bit of a stretch.

The Bottom Line

Consider what you want and what you need and balance that against your budget.  It’s not that you shouldn’t own a set of night vision goggles but if you are struggling to make that $250 car payment and put groceries on the table what the F are you doing buying NODs?  Prep accordingly.