VA is holding up my refi over paint chips

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My siding sucks, I’ll agree to that statement.  Sort of why I want a refi loan to replace my siding and my windows.  The VA appraiser stated my paint is peeling off the bad siding and I must replace it or cover it up before I get the refi to replace my siding. I a’m in a catch 22 again via the VA.  I don’t need a $130 thousand appraisal as $105 thousand is enough to cover the siding and new windows.

I painted my shop door and while it looks better it still is a crappy door to my shop.  My sander is literally shredding the crappy siding and my shopvac picks up the paint chips this all seems damn stupid!

I’m literally paying the VA for the US Army kicking me out of the Army.  I’m just peeved and this crap happens to all vets but I’m pissed off about the PTBs making shit so hard.

It is a simple refi of a loan for home improvement and yet again I have to jump through hoops.