Fuels To Store For Survival | episode 161

Fuels To Store For Survival | episode 161
Fuels To Store For Survival | episode 161


Fuels To Store For Survival | episode 161




This week I talk about fuels to store for survival.  With the terrible hurricane and floods in Texas gas has gone up in price and shortages are occurring. 

The reasons to store fuel are many. Two of my favorite are saving time and money. 

Before Hurricane Harvey gas here was $1.90. A very affordable price after the heights we saw a few years back. 

A week later and prices are close to $3. If you had stored gas before the disaster you would have saved a good bit of money. 

That’s only one type of fuel I talk about in today’s episode. 






  • Gas
  • Propane
  • Kerosene
  • Wood
  • Charcoal/Coal
  • Others/ butane/lamp oil/ Camp stove fuel



  • 97% Of Us Road Vehicles are gas powered
  • In many disasters, fuel becomes more expensive and hard to get
  • Fuel storage saves time and money.
  • Getting good containers
  • Store fuel away from your house
  • Fuel Stabilizers PRI For long term. Stabil is cheaper for short term
  • Rotate gas


  • Doesn’t degrade.
  • Can be stored in massive amounts.
  • Is relatively cheap.
  • Propane tanks are often left when people move.



  • Kerosene is versatile.
  • Kerosene is very dense in energy and holds almost 50% more energy than propane.
  • Heaters put out a lot of heat.
  • fuel can be pricey.



  • Firewood has been used for thousands of years.
  • Hardwoods burn better than softwoods.
  • The best burns come from seasoned wood. 6mos to a year.
  • Not all burning methods produce the same heat.



  • Is cheap.
  • Has a ton of energy.
  • Makes the best taste.



  • Butane
  • Lamp oil
  •  Camp stove fuel




PRI Fuel Stabilizer




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