Irma Targets 2 Nuclear Plants On The Money — Turkey Point and St. Lucie Station Blackout and Meltdown

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I will update this article as information presents itself.   At the far bottom are maps of the nuclear plants and the projected trajectories.   But the story below is the real story, they are set up for flooding, like Fukushima.

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I am reviewing the NRC Flooding Analysis post Fukushima.   Initial review is concerning.

They have several flooding scenarios, one is LIP (Locally Intense Precipitation).   They store emergency equipment in other buildings as part of a FLEX strategy.   These systems need retrieval,

movement, and installation in order to work.   This is not at all realistic during a flood. 

See the green highlights, they are hanging their hats on the flood going completely away in 75 minutes.    SERIOUSLY!

They are basis how long their batteries will last, based upon disconnecting loads to allow the absolutely essential loads to be powered.   During an emergency is not when you want to be manually disconnecting loads.    You may shut off something that is absolutely essential, with disasterous meltdown results.

Then they are planning to bring a large generator from another building and install it.    AGAIN, in an emergency and a flood, they are not going to be able to accomplish this work.    The gensets should be in place and ready to go!!!! Not to be installed during a flood!    This borders on insanity

The Component Cooling Water (CCW) area is super important because if you can’t cool the reactor and associated equipment, you can have a meltdown, think Fukushima.      The Turbine building is also super important, it “houses” the Critical Auxiliary Feedwater (CAF) Pumps which cool the reactor directly in an emergency.     But not to worry, the owner of the plant says these CAF pumps are 7.5 INCHES higher than the expected flood levels, so no further protection is needed.   And the Lap Dog NRC “agreed” with the owner.

Amazingly, in an area subject to Hurricane flooding, and a steady attack of salt air, both critical “structures” are open air, they don’t even have walls to protect the equipment.   See Salmon colored highlight.

Amazingly though, since 1980, they reduced the maximum flood level.    It used to be 22.5 MLW,

assuming that wind would only create waves of 4.2 feet.   If the waves are bigger then flood level would be even higher.    Here is the earlier source

In the NRC report below, their 2016 design basis HAS BEEN REDUCED to 17.3 feet still water, and 19.1 feet with waves.     Wow cool, 200 MPH winds and only generating waves of 1.8 feet. 
Then they back it down again, see the blue highlight below.

Here is the NRC report on Turkey Point Flooding.   They cite tabulated values and summaries, but these are strategically not included with the document.   They want as few people as possible to understand the situation and assumptions, which a summary table would make it too easy.   Only those with the time, knowledge, and patience to do it will see how horribly inept their plans are.

I wonder if they even have food and water for a few days.   South Texas Nuclear forced one of its workers to drive through flood waters to get food because they ran out after not even 2 days.

As we saw in Texas, they kept the Nuclear Plant at 100% Power even though predicted flooding was higher than their design basis for the Nuclear Plant.

Now the stronger Irma is predicted for a direct hit on both nuclear plants in Florida.    The captured NRC does not have the balls to demand a prompt shutdown. 

I have made contact with both plants and asked them if they have a definite time-frame that they will shut down for safety.    Neither one has responded as of 30 minutes ago.

 Model link,25.289,-80.381,9,m:enradVj