Another P95DC

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Picked up a thoroughly neglected P95DC Ruger off Gunbroker for $200, delivered.

There was , literally, not a drop of oil or lube anywhere on it. Just driving out the slide release to facilitate takedown took the use of a punch and hammer because everything was so tightly seized. But, got it all apart, smoothed everything with some steel wool, lubed it up like a nervous virgin on prom night, and now it seems to be doing well. I’ll take it to the range this weekend to function test it and then tuck it away for the Deep Sleep.

I’ve found these old P-series pistols to be quite the value. They can be had pretty cheaply and they are extremely durable. Although the P85/89 series are way, way, way overbuilt for a 9mm I have no doubt they’d survive just about any punishment that could be dished out at them. I have a bunch of the P89’s floating around, I prefer the P95DC out of the entire line of P-series guns.

20170909_113936The P95DC is decock (hence the DC designation) only…no manual safety. Just point and shoot. Single or double action. And it’s far less bulky than the P85/89. At only $50 more than what a HiPoint dealers at, it’s a far better choice. Cheap enough to be, basically, disposable but ‘real gun’ enough to trust in Katrinaville.

On the flip side, Ruger made some delightful 9mm carbines that shared mags with the P-series. The carbines never sold well and now when you can find them they command insane money. Still, I’d really like to have one.

Although I’m pretty vested in Glocks, I love the P95 for it’s suitability as a secondary or tertiary level of redundancy. It is the perfect gun for leaving under the floorboards at the cabin, tucked into the springs under the drivers seat, or stashing at an undisclosed location.