IRMA 9-7 Update

As typical for hurricanes, they are unpredictable. Two days ago Irma’s eye was going to go right over the top of me (Jacksonville) as a Cat-4. Serious winds at 150mph at the eye wall and I’d be hit with two eye walls. The first with winds right to left and after the calm eye passes then the reverse with left to right winds. No doubt I’d have serious home damage if not totaled.
As of today, the hurricanes path has moved to the west coast, about 120 miles from my home. The results for me will be dealing with only 80mph winds. Been there before with no home damage except for trees down and tree branch debris everywhere. Very tolerable.

Needless to say, I am a Prepper and have a motel room booked about 10 miles from home for the entirety of the storm. It’s on higher ground and a building rated for high winds.

Right now I’m home waiting for my 3:00pm room check in. It is quite nice out right now but come Monday morning, the rain bands and winds will hit here dumping an estimated 10-12 inches of rain within 6-8 hours.

More later.