Irma 9-10 #2, Sunday Morning 7:30am

Bummer, the power just went out at 7:20 am
The motel I’m at has 127 rooms and is fully booked. I thought for sure I’d have a hard time finding two parking spaces for my cars because most people who would stay here are locals with two cars. Last night and this morning there’s hardly anyone here! Found out JEA, our electric company, booked all available rooms (95 of them)  for their emergency crews to stay at and stage repair materials. I guess it’s nice to actually see advanced planning so when the power goes out they have the borrowed from other states and counties the crews necessary to get it back on.

The weather yesterday Saturday evening and this morning Sunday was and is nice now, overcast with a few light showers and a few gusts maybe 25mph. None related to the hurricane yet.

During Sunday, today, the rain bands will start to move in this morning and grow in strength until about 12:00 noon Monday, the peak or the eye is closest to me, then taper off as the storm moves north out of my area.

I’m thinking Sunday is going to be one big bore for us just sitting here waiting for it to be over. My feeling right now is I may go home Monday evening because the winds will not be what they are predicting.