Irma, last update 9-11-17

Well it’s over, goodbye Irma. We were very lucky, again!
The motel lost its power about 8:00pm last night and didn’t come back on until we were checking out Monday about 10:30am, it was windy but no rain. At home, I had one big tree 20-inch diameter down and one next to it about 16-inch diameter leaning and ready to go. None hit the house just a bunch of branches all over the yard and there was no flooding.

Also no power at home, the power company says maybe a week or more before power is restored. So the Honda gets to earn its keep.

My front yard before clean-up.

Neighbors yard, lost two trees.

My front yard tree. Lucky all trees down fell into the street!

Neighbors cutting it up so not to block the road.

Another view of it.

My side yard.

The other side yard.

My winters firewood stack blown over.

A house a couple yards away. Could have been bad if it fell on the house.