How to Escape From Dangerous Forest Animals

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How to Escape From Dangerous Forest Animals

No doubt, everyone loves to have fun. No matter how busy or tight our schedule is, we will always find a time to hang out with family and friends or go on a vacation. Nowadays, people like to go to the forest. They believe there lies almost all the beauty of nature. You get to see different species of animal and plant. You can also, get to see amazing waterfalls and flowing river. To some people, they like the forest because of the calmness- no noise except the pleasing sounds of birds and some other creatures.

But do you know the forest can be dangerous? Don’t forget, all that glitters are not gold. Even though, being in the forest can be fun you still need to put the fact that you can encounter wild animals into consideration.

Of course, animals are literally quiet and interesting. The other side of the coin can tell a different story. When the other side comes up, and you are all alone in the forest, you would be left with your inferior instinct to protect you.

You need to understand that the dangerous animals that are found in the forest have different ways they react to you when they encounter you. Some of them might run away, some might stand and scream, while some might be ready to attack you. Either way, have you ever thought of what you would do if you find yourself in this scenario?

Read on as we will show you how to escape from dangerous forest animals. Some other important information will be discussed for you to have a full knowledge of the subject matter.


Yes, let’s start from here. This will give you a basic knowledge of what a forest really is. A forest is a large area of land covered primarily with trees. Its area can be thousands of kilometers. It is obviously different from a bush.

Wild animals could be found in all ecosystems. They are animals that are not domesticated or tamed. They learn to survive on their own, in all weather and climatic conditions. Some of the wild animals you can come in across while adventuring in the forest are Bears, Wolf, Cougar, killer bees and much more.


There are lots of weapons you can take along with you, but you have to make sure they are legal. You can take along firearms if allowed. You can also take a deterrent (like boar or pepper spray) along; it is safer. Do you know your greatest weapon while in the forest? It is definitely your brain. You need to be mentally active and ready. Trust the instincts of your gut; it might be the best thing you can do to keep yourself active, sensitive, and safe.


We are going to answer this question by showing you how to escape from the common dangerous forest animals.

  1. Bears

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Generally, all bears are dangerous. If you come in contact with them, you have to be very careful, especially if their cubs are around the area. The first thing you should do is move away from the cubs if there are any. If you know, you are not alone in the forest and noticed the bear does not pose a threat, try and shout to alert people.

In case, the bear, approach you, raise up your hands. It will make you stand tall. If you are with friends or family, you can all come together. You can also put someone on your shoulder to make you look tall. It would intimidate the bear and make him/her move away. Always remember, do not look at the bear eye to eye. This applies to some other wild animals too.

  1. Snakes

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Having the snake boots for hunting is the most important thing you want there to be with you.If you encounter a snake, you should not try and capture or kill it. You can just change your direction of movement. If you see that the snake is not ready to back off, bang your leg on the ground. This should be okay to get it off your way.

But if you are bitten, you can:

  • Pull the snake away instantly
  • Call the emergency service with no delay
  • Tie the bitten area to slow down the venom from reaching your heart
  • Do not suck the venom, drink alcohol, and use ice
  • Increase your water intake and go to a nearby hospital
  1. Cougars

It is also known as a mountain lion. If this animal sees you as a treat, it will follow you up looking for a perfect time to attack you. If you have the prior knowledge of the forest having Cougar, it is advisable you wear a big cloth or walk in groups. Wearing a big or large cloth could make if work away. Also, they hardly attack people moving in groups.

However, if it attacks you, fight back by hitting the mouth and eye hard while

  1. Wolves

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You need to watch out for this cunning animal too. They are always after ripping off the muscles of the legs. When you see a wolf, do not make any attempt to run. It can result in an immediate attack. Try yelling at the wolf; it should back off. However, if you are surrounded by a few numbers of them, it might be time to show your attacking skill. Take out your weapon. A firearm will work better this time. Fight them off and get to safety.

  1. Bees

In case you mistakenly disturb a bee hive, it is time to make a run for your life. Do not just run in a random direction. Run against the wind; it will help you knock off the bees. Look for a shelter to hide and stay there till you are very sure that they have left. Do not enter the water; it might be a costly mistake.

We know there are a lot of wide animals you can possibly encounter in the forest. The ones discussed above are the common ones we believe you should know. If you  are  going to hunt, create a must-bring bag  so you’re never without that one thing you forgot to bring: hunting boot, hunting light, weapon.. Always, remember, in any situation you find yourself in the forest, your brain is your greatest weapon. With this, you can survive any dangerous forest animal attack.

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