Just a little spot of beauty

Small island life of hard work and low funds. We have ferry to Cortes Island and 800 year around residents. There are 4 stores, a school, health center and much more. Very beautiful island with much peace a quiet. There are a small amount of local jobs more in the summer. 

We have 120acres that we have been making a home in with our family. 5 children between the ages of 3 And 14. Our plan is to clear a lower part of the land for garden and crops. After fencing to also keep livestalk. We do everything by hand with very little amount of power tools. 

We are open to the right people with the right mind set to come a be part of the family. I must stress that we are Christian and this would be important that you would shear this us. Please feel free to contact us 


Misty and family

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