Essential Camping Supplies for Your Outdoors Adventure

Are you new to camping?  If so then Lee has provided some nice recommendations for your considerations.
Camping is the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself by getting in touch with nature.  Before you begin your trip into the bush, you need to pack essential supplies to make the trip safer and more comfortable. This list of basics can help you decide what is a must-have for your vacation.
Food and Food Storage
A cooler with ice keeps fresh food safe to eat. Try freezing bottles of water at home, rather than using bagged party ice, to keep good fresher. Bottles won’t leak water on your food like bagged ice, and bottles of water stay frozen longer than bagged ice.
You should also bring plenty of water for cleaning, drinking and waking up, a water reusable water bottle for each person in the group, and emergency, non-perishable food supplies like meal bars. Emergency food supplies are particularly important if you are camping in a remote area where medical help isn’t readily available.
Lanterns and Personal Lighting
Torches, lanterns and other portable lighting devices are essential when camping. Choose lights that have LED bulbs for optimum brightness and improved efficiency, and bring along extra batteries to keep your campsite well-lit. In addition to lanterns, bring a headlamp for each member of the camping party. Headlamps allow you to easily walk through unfamiliar places and make nighttime chores much easier.
Campfire Alternatives
Along with pots and pans, you should bring asking a backup cooking device to prepare masks. Campfires aren’t allowed during early summer, and total fire ban are in effect anytime the risk of fire is high.
To further improve fire safety, avoid throwing lit cigarettes on the ground while camping. Switching to a vape kit is an option that reduces fire risks in dry weather. You can find a vape starter kit page fit everything you need to easily make the switch while camping.
Garbage Bags and Cleanup Supplies
Everything you take into the bush must be carried out, making garbage bags a must-have for canning. Check your campsite thoroughly for even small pieces of garbage to keep the Australian Outback as pristine as it was before your arrival.
To prevent damaging the local environment, consider taking items that are environmentally friendly, such as biodegradable products and organic, biodegradable cleaning supplies. Reusable projects are ideal for both camping and home use.
Personal Supplies
Lip balm, baby wipes and other grooming supplies can make your camping trip more comfortable. Bring sunscreen along in both winter and summer to prevent sunburn, and pack moisturizer and lip balm to soothe your skin while camping during the winter months.
Extra Clothes
Proper attire is more important than you might think, so be prepared to bring the proper thing. Clothes that layer easily allow you to stay comfortable during cool nights ave hot days. Opt for natural materials like cotton or work, and pack a selection of both long and short sleeved t-shirts to comfortably layer.
Other clothes to pack include pants, shorts and a sweater or jacket. Don’t forget to bring plenty of socks so you can keep your feet clean and dry throughout the camping trip.
Medical Supplies
A comprehensive first aid kit can be life-saving in an emergency, but also makes camping more comfortable when minor issues arise. Antihistamines, pain and fever reducers, bandages and daily prescription medicines are the foundation of your medical kit.
Add extra supplies based on the season, and take extra supplies if you are camping in a remote area. For instance, space blankets are a good addition when camping in winter, while water purification tablets are recommended when camping in more remote locations.
Customize your medical kit if children or people with health concerns are joining your group. With all the basic supplies on-hand, camping if an adventure that everyone can comfortably enjoy anytime of the year.