Gun show blues

Oh merciful Crom, whatever happened to the good gun shows that this region used to produce? I went to the Hamilton gun show and it seemed smaller than ever and there was virtually nothing of note. I did see a cute little Ruger Compact in 7-08 (which is a nice little gun in a nice caliber), an FR-8 (the pinnacle of bolt-action truck guns), and that was about it. Even the usual mishmash of survival-related stuff was absent. Very much not worth the drive, or the six bucks to get in the door.

However, as long as I was in the neighborhood, I hit the local gun shops. Wound up getting a trigger for the project AR. Got it installed, seems to work, but I’ll need a trip to the range this week to confirm it with live ammo. All thats really left is to replace the standard A2 stock with a Magpul PRS, attach a sling of some kind, and thats about it.

As I was heading down the valley I could see that, surprise, the snow has started to fall in the mountains. We’ve had a major weather change in the last couple days. Finally had two days of drizzle, cold, and high-altitude snow….an excellent recipe for getting the fire situation straightened out. The air, while still just a touch hazy, is much better than it has been and I welcome it.

All in all, not a bad day since I got to visit some gun shops, but I still think the quality of local gun shows has gone downhill. I clearly need to start expanding my range and hit the out-of-valley shows and see what theyre like.