Paratus obligation discharged

A few people were very thoughtful and threw a few bucks in the donation jar and wished me a happy Paratus. ( You do know theres a link there on the right side of the screen that says ‘Bunker Equippage Fund’, right?)

Since the gift-giving paradigm for Paratus requires that when someone gives you a gift and you do not reciprocate:

Unreciprocated gift giving is acceptable if the recipient makes a tremendous expression of gratitude and makes a self-deprecating remark about their own lack of generosity. The giver then agrees with the recipient about their lack of generosity, injects a level of snark or good-natured mild condemnation, and the obligation is then discharged.

(Yes, I am linking to my own blog…the internet equivalent of shouting your own name during sex.)

So, for those who generously threw a few bucks in the hat: Thank you very much. I appreciate every bit of help. I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything..but I’m cheap. I’m so cheap I named myself as the beneficiary in my will. Heck, Im so cheap the suits I wear have been in style four times. I mean, I know money talks but all mine ever says is goodbye!