How Training with Airsoft Guns Can Help You During Dooms Day

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How Training with Airsoft Guns Can Help You During Dooms Day
How Training with Airsoft Guns Can Help You During Dooms Day

How Training with Airsoft Guns Can Help You During Dooms Day


Have you ever wondered how you’d do in a Dooms Day scenario? With various threats over our current way of living (nuclear wars, climate change, biological warfare, and more) it’s difficult to not think about grimmer days.

Are you prepared to bug out and keep safe in an SHTF situation? How about fighting your way towards safety? In every case, a Dooms Day scenario requires you using some sort of weapon to protect your belongings and your bodily integrity. 

As an airsoft passionate, I feel a lot more prepared now, when I know how to use weapons and how to react in a battle/fight situation. The years I spent on the airsoft field taught me valuable skills that easily apply to an emergency scenario, and I think it’s time more people know about this.

That’s why the main topic today will be the skills you learn as an airsoft player. Keep in mind, these skills may save your life someday, so pay attention!


You Learn a Lot about Guns

Most high-quality airsoft weapons are replicas of real-life weapons, and they feel amazing in your hands. The weight, the inner-workings, and the crisp sound of a cocked airsoft gun will make you want to try more.

The part I like is that you can work with any type of gun starting with pistols and ending with sniper rifles or shotguns. The airsoft world is completely open and teaches us about guns in a safe environment (as long as you follow the rules regarding protective gear). This way, when the time comes, and you’ll have to fight for your life, you’ll know how to handle yourself around a real weapon.

If you want to learn more about realistic airsoft guns, check out Goog Gun – they have lots of reviews on some of the most interesting BB guns.


It’s all about Team Work

When you’re fighting for your life, it’s important to stick together with people you know. Team work is more important than ever, and you need to know how to integrate fast. If not, you’ll be left behind!

On the field, you learn to work with the team regardless of your position (close quarters combat or sniper). In any battle scenario, you depend on your teammates, and they depend on you. In time, you learn to function like one organism.

Even more, airsoft teaches about honesty and honor (when a player is responsible for admitting to being hit), and these are traits that build a strong character.


You Learn to Persevere in Reaching your Goals

I started young, and it took me a while to learn about reaching goals and being true to myself. Airsoft is not an easy activity – it will try your physical and mental power, and it will put you down if you don’t know how to get back up.

However, in an emergency scenario, you don’t have the option to quit and return to your normal life. You have to persevere in staying alive and safe regardless of the conditions around. But it will be a lot easier if you’re already used to doing this.


Keeps you fit and Ready for Action

Regardless of location (indoors or outdoors), airsoft keeps you active, and this is a good thing for your general level of fitness. It also helps you develop your observation senses (sight and hearing) and teaches you about taking fast decisions in life-or-death situations.   

All these skills are amazing in a real Dooms Day scenario when you have to rely on your ability to think fast and overcome the enemy. I also recommend trying close quarters combat – it is a great way to learn how to face your enemy in a physical confrontation and how to win regardless of their size and power.


In the end

As you can see, airsoft is not just a silly game where kids and adults chase each other with BB guns. It’s a training ground, and even military and police forces all over the world use it as a safe method to train recruits.

Even more, it is a fun way to spend your free time as it helps with stress relief and teaches you skills that are useful in various situations (not just a Dooms Day scenario). However, if something bad happens and the world goes upside down, you will be prepared.

So, if you want to be prepared for any Dooms Day scenario, try joining a local team and test your battle skills on the field.

Michael Woods loves to spend his time field testing new guns and discovering new survival technics. On the weekends he spends his time airsofting with his teammates.

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