6 Reasons to Stockpile Blankets

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Have I told you about my collection of Vera Bradley blankets? I discovered these wildly colorful, plush blankets about 4 years ago when I was on a business trip and wanted to splurge on a little something just for me. Well, one blanket quickly turned into 2, 3 and now I believe we own a grand total of 6.

I love blankets and, if I am a hoarder of anything, it would be blankets.

For practical purposes, though, there is no need to buy anything expensive, not when there are always older, maybe even oddly colored, blankets at thrift stores and yard sales. Those cheap blankets can serve many purposes and can easily be tucked into corners until needed.

6 Reasons to Stockpile Blankets via The Survival Mom

You should keep a small stockpile of several blankets on hand, for the following reasons:

  1. Let’s start with the obvious. Blankets keep us warm and in an emergency situation, sitting underneath and on top of blankets when there’s no or little heat can quite literally keep us alive. Having more than enough on hand means we can care for extra people as well – the elderly neighbor, extended family and friends who come to visit.
  2. Keeping a garden is an important part of the homesteading lifestyle and a late spring or early fall frost can destroy our plants quickly.  Keep extra blankets in the garden shed or garage for frost protection. When the weather forecast looks ominous, toss the blankets over sensitive plants to protect them from the damaging effects of a light frost.
  3. Add a pocket to one edge of a quilt and hang it from a tension rod in windows, to add an extra layer of warmth during frigid cold spells. This helps keep the cold out from drafty windows or even just large windows that get cold from sheer size. These window quilts can help keep cold out and heat in, helping us use less wood or other forms of heat energy. Believe it or not, our first winter in Texas was freezing cold — Texas not being known for cold weather, I know. The only way we could keep the frigid January air out of our master bedroom was to hang a heavy, plush blanket over the sliding glass door.
  4. 6 Reasons to Stockpile Blankets - The Survival MomUse them as makeshift beds. A few blankets piled on a floor add padding and a slightly more comfortable sleeping space. It’s not as comfortable as a bed, but for extra guests in an emergency situation, it would be appreciated.
  5. Pets and livestock occasionally need bedding beyond just wood chips or straw, and your spare blankets can be a just as much a lifesaver for them as they are for humans. Keep a pile in the barn or outbuildings specifically for animal bedding. At worst, they get destroyed and can’t be used again, but most likely they can be washed and re-used multiple times.
  6. Receiving blankets and other thin cotton and wool blankets can make great scrap fabric. Hold onto these to repair thicker quilts that get torn or for piecing together larger quilts and throws. Depending on your sewing skill level, they can often be fashioned into coats, pants, pajamas, and more.

To keep your stockpiled blankets in the best possible shape, store them in plastic garbage sacks, space bags, or even plastic tubs to keep them from getting dirty between uses and to protect them from pests like insects or mice, especially when being kept outside. I’ve added cedar balls or small pieces of cedar planking to ward off insects.

Do you have any favorite uses for old blankets?

6 Reasons to Stockpile Blankets via The Survival Mom