Best Ways To Go Shopping For A New Gun

Best Ways To Go Shopping For A New Gun
Best Ways To Go Shopping For A New Gun

Best Ways To Go Shopping For A New Gun

I’m shopping for a new gun. Many of you are as well I’m sure. Most of us would have  more firearms if budget allowed.

Since I haven’t hit the lottery yet I have to find the best bang for my buck. 

In the past, I  bought guns in a variety ways. I don’t always just head down the gun shop. 

Since I’m getting serious about shopping for a new handgun I thought I would document it. 

With the growth of the internet, we have more ways than ever to buy firearms. But some online methods are being crippled by liberal censorship. 

The free market always answers censorship though. 

I came up with every way I could think to legally buy a gun.  You can always make your own homemade guns though. 

Gun Shop

This is the first stop for many when shopping for a new gun.  Gun shops will have the biggest selection of firearms locally. 

Be picky about your gun shop. Some are managed and staffed by very knowledgeable people. Others not so much. 

I would be wary of shopping at a gun shop if the staff is repeating bad information and gun myths. Unless they have the best deals. 

The prices you find at gun shops can vary greatly. Do some research first to see what the general going prices are. 

If you get to a shop and all the prices are high, see if they will haggle any. Many of the Mom and Pop gun shops have some haggle room in their prices. 

I bought my Ar15 from a very good semi-local gun shop. I went to several shops before buying. Some great deals were found but held out for what I really wanted. 

I was looking for a Stag Arms Left Handed model.  And with spare magazines, I paid under a grand. 


Pawn Shop

I have a special place in my heart for pawn shops when shopping for a new gun. 

I bought my very first gun and my first handgun from pawn shops. Both great deals to be sure. 

With pawn shop guns you are buying used and this can make a huge difference in price. 

The condition of the guns is usually great. The sad thing is that most gun owners are not gun shooters. There are many people that buy a gun for self-defense and never even fire it. 

Those are the people that pawn their guns when they need cash. 

Some pawn shops will haggle to some degree. The chain stores mostly have a percentage they are allowed to reduce the price. 

Also, most pawn shops have layaway programs. For many paying a bill is easier than saving money and buying outright. 


Gun Show

I’ve been to many gun shows and found great deals. But never on guns. I’ve bought a lot of survival gear at gun shows.

Here in Tennessee, you will often see guys walking around with guns for sale. Which here at least is perfectly legal. And can be good deals.

I went to a gun after the sandy hook shooting and that was an experience. 

The line was wrapped down the road. While standing in this huge line I saw an insane deal.

One guy had a custom built AR15 all tricked out. And with the tempory price surge was sure to get a pile of cash. 

Before he even made it in some guy offered him a pickup truck for the gun. He took the deal.

If you go to buy from a gun show have a budget and know the prices you should be paying. 

And going on the last day right before closing can snag good deals. People have to pack things up.


Private Sales

I have more experience with private sales. A lot more. So much so that my mom asked me once if I was an arms dealer. 

Private sales also know as the gun show loophole is a sale between citizens that are not dealers. 

In all except 19 states (at the time of writing), this is legal and does not need a background check. 

This has many advantages. There is little to no record of the sale. Many preppers like this in case the liberals ever get to confiscate firearms. 

There is no taxes on a private sale. I mean you are supposed to report any income to the IRS so they can tax it. That is up to you. 

I have sold and bought guns from Facebook. Before the great crackdown. There used to be a lot of gun trading groups. Someone would post showing what they have or what they want. You message them and meet up. 

In the wake of Facebook shutting down those groups, many dedicated websites popped up for trades. 

Some large ones, Like Armslist and Gun Listings. And local ones like Tennessee Gun Exchange.

Online Sales 

When shopping for a new gun you can find great deals online. 

Some companies have direct sales, Like Stag Arms. Others, Like Glock, require you to go through dealers. 

On some, you can avoid tax since it’s an online sale. Depending on your state and the site. 

This online gun store has great prices and a layaway program.  Which is a great way to buy a new gun. 

Buying online means you will have to have them ship to a local FFL. They will normally charge a small fee for this. 



In conclusion, the way I’ll be shopping for a new gun is a combination of few of these methods.

I’m  checking the online gun stores and trading sites. I want to see what the market is paying for handguns right now. 

I will jump on a great deal if I find one. But If I don’t I will check the pawn shops all around me. Firstly by calling to see what they have. 

If I find a great deal and they have layaway will go put it in right away. I will use the money I have saved for a deposit and pay it off as quickly as possible. 

I like the commitment of having it in layaway and having to pay on it. 


How Did you buy your last gun? What was it and did you get a good deal? Let me know in the comments!


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