15 Vintage Kitchen Tools We All Must Have

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If we lose power we will need at least these 15 vintage kitchen tools at the very least. I love going to antique stores and checking out items that I consider very useful if we have zero electricity. Actually, even if we don’t lose power I still use these today in my kitchen. Plus, I think some of these items will bring back a few good memories when grandma was in the kitchen cooking or baking. I can still picture my great-grandma making Lefse, one of our favorite Norwegian family treats made with leftover mashed potatoes. Oh, my goodness, I better make some of that today, my mouth is watering for it. I like Lefse with butter and brown sugar. Let me know what traditional treats you enjoyed eating together as a family.

As a child, this is when I learned to cook from scratch. There were not many packaged items, except for bags of flour or sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and spices, how life has changed. We used the bags the flour came in for kitchen towels or made aprons out of them. Nothing was ever wasted, ever. I’m going to share some of my old family recipes while using these tools. Now, some of these items we use today, but some families have never used them. Let me know your vintage kitchen tools you love to use!

15 Vintage Kitchen Tools

1.Big Stainless Steel Bowl

I think I still have the two original ones I got when Mark and I were married almost 50 years ago. They are approximately 18 inches in diameter. Those bowls have been used for making bread, cookies, large salads, and cleaning the windows.

2.Potato Masher

I remember my mom having a pan like deal and we all took turns turning the handle to “mash” the potatoes. My grandmother preferred a ricer for her fluffy mashed potatoes. Even a few chunks are okay in my mashed potatoes. I’m fine even with the peelings on them as well. I just use this tool: Potato Masher

3.Ebelskiver Cast Iron Pan

I grew up on Ebelskivers, they are basically round balls of pancake batter. My mom had a cast iron pan. They are so yummy! Ebelskivers by Linda

4.Cast Iron Fry Pans

Did your mom save the bacon grease after frying bacon? I still do! I swear, cast iron pans make the very best scrambled eggs, cornbread and homemade pizza dough too! Wow, I love cast iron pans! Pizza by Linda 

5.Cast Iron Griddle

Who uses a griddle for pancakes, grilled cheese and so much more? I think I have three cast iron griddles. I love them!

5.Hand Mixer

I can still remember Mom having a SunBeam electric mixer sitting on the counter and she was so proud of that baby, no more hand mixing. But she still used her wire whipped hand-cranked mixer because it was easier to clean.

6.Whisk/Danish Whisk

Everyone needs a whisk to quickly stir those scrambled eggs, right? I can’t see any of the white stuff, I’m such a baby. Theresa reminded me about my beloved Danish whisk.

7.Egg Separator

I still remember my mom making seven-minute frosting after using an egg separator. I think I still have my yellow Tupperware one I’ve had for decades!

8.Can Opener

We can’t get by without a can opener. I love the hand operated ones which I still use sometimes today. But I also remember when the electric can opener came out. WOW, happy day!

9.Large Soup Pot

Everyone needs a soup pot for soup or boiling water for a large pan of spaghetti!

10.Pancake Turner

I can still picture the skinny silver pancake turners my mom had. Now we have larger ones to flip pancakes, fried eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches.

11.Wooden Spoons

I always have wooden spoons in the crock sitting on my counter top to grab when I need one.

12.Pastry Cutter

I wish I could say I make great pies, but I don’t, I buy them. But, I still need one of these for my biscuits to cut in the butter.

13.Biscuits Cutters

I’m like addicted to collecting biscuit cutters at antique stores. I love all the different shapes.

14.Canisters On The Counter

Do you remember your mom or grandma having canisters sitting on the counter with flour, sugar, tea, and coffee written on them? I even had some, but then switched to plastic buckets with Gamma lids. The plastic buckets certainly aren’t as attractive, but the contents seem to stay fresh longer.

15.Rolling Pin

I can’t get by without a rolling pin or two. I use them for my cinnamon rolls, pasta, and biscuits. Cinnamon rolls by Linda


Thank you to OhioPrepper, I have so many spatulas, how did I forget those?

17.Meat Grinders

Thank you, Kathy, she reminded me about the meat grinders, I love ham salad and my mom and dad made a pork sausage, how did I forget this one?

18. Terracotta Brown Sugar Bear

Theresa reminded me about this one as well: Terra Cotta Bear Sugar Bear – it’s terracotta and soaked in water. It’s then placed in the brown sugar canister to keep the sugar “moist”. Have one I’ve used for decades.

19. Coffee Percolators

Judy mentioned coffee percolators and popcorn poppers! Also, vegetable peelers.

This was a fun post for me to write today. Please share your memories of your vintage kitchen tools. I need to make a batch of cookies, what do you feel like baking this week?

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

Lodge Pizza Griddle

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