Monday, September 25

Welcome to the LAST day of the 7 Day Challenge! We hope you have enjoyed your experience and learned new things. We have prepared, practiced, and prioritized … and now we are ready to PROCEED. We’ve come up with some resources you can use as you proceed on your preparedness cycle. Here are some things to do, to learn, and to buy. Lots of these items may be on your priority lists you worked on yesterday.



Fill out or update emergency preparedness plan
Make or rotate 72 hour kits
Fill or refill water containers
Make or update emergency binder
Update/Inventory your three month supply plan
Update/Inventory your long term food supply plan
Create a sanitation kit
Build a powerless stove, grill, oven, or pizza box solar oven


How to Make Bread: Bread Recipe, Bread-Making FAQ, No Electricity Bread
How To Deal With Long Term Water Loss (Water Saving Tips)
Water Filtration versus Water Purification
How to Shut Off Your Main Water Supply
How to Shut Off Gas Supply
Powerless Cooking Class


All-American Sun Oven
Bosch Universal Mixer
Prepare My Life Planner
HERC Tea Light Candle Oven
InstaFire Fire Starter
Laundry Hand Washer
Thrive Life Special Packages


Great news:  The popular Prepper Bundle that contains over 30 digital resources all about emergency preparedness is back for a flash sale that ends tonight (Monday) at midnight.  It’s normally only available once a year but it’s back in honor of National Preparedness Month and because so many people are looking for this type of information after the hurricanes.  

The price will be $29.97 for online access, $64.97 for USB drive, and $69.97 for online access + USB drive.  This offer will be gone at midnight … no exceptions … so don’t procrastinate on this one.  We don’t have any control over this so we can’t help you if you miss out on it.  They are really strict due to all the author agreements.

As you PROCEED with your prepping plans we really think this bundle could be a valuable tool for you, and if you didn’t already purchase our eBook this month it’s included in the bundle as well!

MAKE SURE to visit the group page on Facebook to discuss your progress and share tips. It’s a great place to learn from other people’s experience and knowledge.

We will also be posting a lot on instagram (@foodstoragemadeeasy) over the next few days. Come join the fun there with hash tag #fsme7daychallenge

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