How To Be Ready With Light When The Power Goes Out

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I decided to write this post today because we all need to ready when the light or power goes out. I read a comment from a reader that said his neighbor always borrows his flashlights and brings them back beat up or with chips of paint on them. I got the giggles, who would need to borrow a flashlight? Are you kidding, someone needs to borrow a flashlight? Okay, my friends, we need to check with our family, friends, and neighbors and make sure everyone has a flashlight or two. In my case, I have ten or more. I have several solar ones and a few that need batteries. If you missed my Emergency Bed Bag post here it is. You can easily make them from old pillowcases.

I have to explain why I got the giggles about borrowing flashlights, it has nothing to do with light or power outages. Mark and I used to have the cutest neighbor who almost every Sunday called to borrow some flour, eggs, sugar, brown sugar and chocolate chips. I always got the giggles and would say to her “what are you making cookies? Let me just make them and bring them over.” I had the best neighbors, and I giggle about that story to this day.

So when a reader mentioned he had someone borrow a flashlight, I said, “who borrows a flashlight?” So this is why I am writing this post today, to make sure everyone has some flashlights, lanterns, or some sort of light source if we lose power. And we will, it’s a given. Please remember the batteries, store lots of them.

I remember a reader said she used those solar lanterns lining her sidewalk up to her front door for safety reasons. She said she had them for two reasons, one for safety and that they are perfect to bring in at night in case the power goes out. You can get those driveway lights just about anywhere and they are fairly inexpensive.

One thing to consider is if you want to wear a headlamp for several hours, I get a headache just thinking about that one. But, they are great and Mark and I learned how important they are when we took our C.E.R.T. Community Emergency response Team classes. We had to walk into a gymnasium that was totally pitch black to do some training to help wounded people. We could not have done that class holding a flashlight and needing to use our hands to bandage and splint people’s arms.

Our kids and grandkids would love using a headlamp to play games when the power goes out. I can picture four of my cute grandkids lined up on the couch smiling with different colored headlamps. Gotta love it.

When The Power Goes Out:

Solar Ones

Larger Goal Zero

Pros: time 7-48 hours, built in crank, built-in solar panel, USG charger, emergency red light

Cons: a little pricey but so worth the cost, remember no batteries required

Battery Ones

Gear Light LED


Pros: Fairly inexpensive

Cons: Need batteries stored or it won’t work


Goal Zero Lantern

Pros: 360 light, USB hub, if you have power you can recharge it on your computer, folds up and easy to transport

Cons:  It’s not really a con but you do need to purchase a Goal Zero Nomad solar panel accessory required to recharge it with solar.


LE Headlamp LED

Pros: fairly inexpensive and easy to use if you want your hands free to work on something

Cons: they must be on your head to see anything, may give you a headache

Yard Lights

Solar Powered Yard Lights

Pros: fairly inexpensive, check out your local stores for clearance ones, free power from the sunshine

Cons: hard to use since they have to be held upright, but you could jerry-rig something to hold them

LUCI Lights:

Thanks to Deborah for this great tip. LUCI Lights

Pros: Totally solar, lantern, flashlight and emergency light all in one light. You can turn them on and off.

Cons: Slightly pricey, but not really for what you get.

You can get flashlights and lanterns just about anywhere, please get more than one in case you run out of batteries or they just plain break and will not work. If the power goes out, you’ll be glad you have several options to have light in your home. I don’t know about you, but at night I would love to have some light source to light up the room. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected.

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