Hurricane Items You Must Have Before It Hits

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We really need to get the word out to everyone now before we have another hurricane, and we will, it is inevitable. This year has been a rough year for so many families because of all the damage that comes with the strong winds and rain from a hurricane. We saw Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to name just two of many we’ve seen. Some people were prepared in some ways, but we can never be prepared for the aftermath so many people had to deal with this year. Some people lost their family members, homes, their food storage, emergency preps and many personal things they can never replace.

Here’s the deal, some people are still cleaning up the mess from the flooding, the downed trees, the mold, and dealing with FEMA and their insurance companies. It will take months, and possibly a few years, to restore some of the areas so they are livable again.

I still feel strongly that I need to remind people to start their food and water storage if they haven’t already. So many of us are very prepared because we get it. But, there are still people who don’t get it. You would think after seeing the news that people throughout the country would understand we need to be prepared. I was glued to The Weather Channel for weeks, talk about heart-wrenching.

We may live in areas that don’t have storms like those we’ve seen, many have fires, flooding, and earthquakes, to name just a few disasters. Please start with some of the things I have listed below, today, not tomorrow. If you are comfortable with talking with your neighbors, please get together, they may be your new best friends after an unforeseen emergency. Trust me on that one, I have personally been through a few disasters.

This is a very short list, but if you just pick and choose the ones you can do ASAP, that would be wonderful.

Hurricane Items

Important Documents Binder

Free Download Binder Contents by Linda


You know the drill, one-gallon per person per day as recommended by The American Red Cross. I recommend 4-gallons per person per day. You can never have too much water. Add a water purifier and you rock.


Survival Food Storage by Linda

72-Hour Kits

Linda’s 72-hour Kits Lists

Extra Clothing/Shoes

If you become wet, having an extra set of dry clothes, jackets, underwear, socks, and shoes would be awesome.


Mylar blankets are great, quilts are awesome.

Cash-Small Bills

If the power is out, the ATM’s will be closed, the gas pumps will not work. If you need to buy something and if anything is available to buy you will need small bills.

Keep your gas tank at least 3/4 full

Please keep your tanks as full as possible, you do not want to be in line waiting for gas and then find out the gas pumps are empty.

N-95 Masks

I have so many of these stockpiled because I learned in my C.E.R.T. class that you can never have too many masks. I listened and followed instructions.


I have so many boxes of non-latex gloves, it’s almost embarrassing, but that’s how I roll. I hate germs and bacteria.

Portable Potty

This is one thing I will not share, every one must have their own porta-potty, thank you very much, just letting you know ahead of time. Linda’s Portable Toilet

Toilet Paper

Need I say more, we all need it.

Diapers/Baby Bottles/Baby Food

You may not have a baby in your family, but your neighbor may have a baby she is unable to care for after a disaster and having a few diapers, whether disposable or cloth, would be a blessing. I would need pacifiers for a baby, I raised my girls on pacifiers and they are awesome!

Baby Wipes

Even if the baby wipe contents dry out just fill it with water, they will be great wipes again.

Paper Towels

I store some paper towels, but I started using these to save money. I love that they are thin and I wash them once a week and rarely use paper towels. Thin Cloth Diapers

Hand Sanitizer/Hand Soap

Clean hands, clean hands, clean hands. We have to be able to keep the bacteria under control after a disaster.

Portable Washing Machine

Now, this can be buckets, wash tubs or whatever works for you. If we lose power for an extended period of time, I want clean underwear at the very least. Linda’s Portable Washers

Clothesline with Clothespins

Here’s the deal, if we lose power for an extended period of time, we will need to wash our clothes and hang them up. Yup, clean underwear at the very least. Here is one Amish large folding dryer I bought a few years ago: Lehman’s Dryer.

Cleaning Supplies

Bleach is #1 and gloves to protect your hands and every cleaning product you like to use. I have all of them, trust me.

Personal hygiene supplies

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, shavers, hand soap, deodorant and anything that will make you feel awesome after getting dirty cleaning up a muddy house or another unforeseen disaster.

Women/Girls Monthly Menstrual Supplies

Tampons, menstrual pads, even if you don’t need them, I promise there will be someone who can use them if the store shelves are empty.

Flashlights-one for every family member

Be sure and have batteries if you buy the battery operated units. Solar ones are great because they do not need batteries.

First Aid Kit

Linda’s First Aid Kit

Benue mentioned: My daughter tells me that her dad recently went through 2 CATEGORY 5’s and weeks after, he is still on the island and tells her that there is an incredible amount of glass fragments in the wind, on the sand, on the leaves, etc. As he is working to clear up debris, he is getting cut up all over his body.

Pat reminded me: make sure you add tweezers so you can pull out glass shards. The ones in the first aid kits are typically not high quality.

Phone Chargers

The one in your car will work or use a solar one.

I hope we all get one new item this week to add to our hurricane emergency preparedness stash. We will never forget the horrific storms people have dealt with this year and previous storms from years past. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected.

Frank’s Suggestions:

He has family in Puerto Rico. You really need to read his comment.

Canned Milk

Canned Meat

“C” and “D” Batteries

Battery powered fans (plus lots of batteries)

Battery powered radios (plus lots of batteries)

Power Inverters

Charge Controllers

Solar Panels

Food Storage In A Small House by Linda

My Favorite Things:

Goal Zero Solar Generators

Goal Zero Solar Flashlights

Dutch Ovens

Kevin’s Clothespins

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