Internet for Homesteaders and Off-Griders! Or Not!

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There are times I live in two worlds.  When I go up to my dad’s place in East Texas, I’m transported to an off-grid paradise where the skies are clear and God shows us a masterpiece with every sunset.  But then, I live in a fast-paced internet world.  This world allows me to update Prepper Website every evening and The Prepper Website Podcast every weekday.  Because my dad’s place is so remote, I get a faint signal there.  Enough to call out, but not enough to use my data, get on the internet and update Prepper Website.  Believe me, I’ve tried! 

Then, I was contacted by WeBoost to review their product, Weboost Connect 4G-X.  The representative told me that WeBoost wouldn’t create a signal, but it would boost a weak signal and improve it.  I was excited!  This gave me promise to spend more time up at the country and update Prepper Website, to live in both worlds.

WeBoost Connect 4G-X Review


Unboxing the Weboost Connect 4G-X.

The Weboost Connect 4G-X comes with everything you need to connect to the cell tower signal.  Other than what you see in the pic above, and in the following pics, I had the generator going to provide power.

The Outdoor Antenna

This is the outdoor antenna.  I plan on keeping the WeBoost really mobile to the point that I can temporarily put it up and take it down.  I don’t want to leave it up because we have had some issues with theft in the past.  And although it has been a while since we have had anything stolen, I want to make sure I protect this device.  So, I plan on temporarily mounting it to a 1″ x 4″ 12-foot board while we are in the country.  

The spot where I get the signal here is not where you see the antenna in the picture.  The spot is actually a little further back from the pic at the corner of the structure.

The outdoor antenna runs to the WeBoost Connect 4G-X inside. See pic below.

Indoor Antenna

The pic above is of the Indoor Antenna.  A cable runs from the WeBoost Connect 4G-X to this antenna.  Normally, in a traditional setup, this antenna would be mounted to the wall.  This is the antenna that would send out the boosted cell signal.

The WeBoost Connect 4G-X

This is a pic of the WeBoost Connect 4G-X main unit.  The outdoor antenna feeds into it and the unit feeds out to the indoor antenna.  The unit needs electricity (for you off-griders), so I had the generator on.  Normally, in the evening, we would have the generator on during the summer months to cool down the bedrooms.

Me frustrated! Trying anything!

AND…..this is a picture of me frustrated.  Why am I frustrated you ask?  Because of all the times that I have gone up to the country, this is the first time that I haven’t been able to get a cell signal at all!

My dad went up the day before because he was expecting the delivery of his new tractor.  See pic below. 😉  He usually calls when he gets there and then in the evening.  We were a little concerned that he hadn’t called anyone and that he wasn’t answering his phone. 

I was a little worried and apprehensive driving up the driveway the next day.  But I found dad milling around like always.  When I told him mom was worried and asked why he hadn’t called, he said that he didn’t have a signal. 

That WASN’T what I wanted to hear!  I made the trip up to the country to test out the WeBoost and fill-up my father-in-law’s deer feeder.

Although I tried for a while, I never was able to get a signal to really try the WeBoost.  And that is the rub, you need a signal for  WeBoost to actually boost!

I will say that I was disappointed.  My laptop with me and was going to use the hotspot on my phone to connect to the internet.  I wasn’t able to do that.  But it wasn’t the fault of the WeBoost Connect 4G-X.  It was just a lack of signal.  

I plan on going up there again real soon and trying it out a second time.  Thus, you will get part 2 of this review when that happens!

If you are interested in looking at the WeBoost Connect 4G-X for your homestead or property, check it out by CLICKING HERE. WeBoost also makes devices for vehicles!


Dad’s new tractor!