Using Game Cameras To Protect Your Backyard Chickens

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Hi, this is Marjory Wildcraft. In this edition of Homesteading Basics, we answer the question, “Are game cameras useful to homesteaders?”

The short answer is yes. Game cameras are a set of eyes and ears working for you in the middle of the night, and they can be really useful for identifying threats to your backyard chickens. They help you troubleshoot issues and show you exactly what’s been happening.

For example, here’s game-camera footage of my chicken coop when I was having some really bad problems with losses.

Isn’t that some amazing footage? Look at those raccoons and what they do!!!

Birds Do It… Bees Do It…

Now, my brother in North Florida sent over some footage that he had taken—we’ve included it in the video above. Actually, this answered a question I didn’t even know I had: “If turtles move so slowly most of the time, at what speed do they have sex?”

(Don’t you just love that male turtle moving his head quickly like that? It’s so funny.)

Help Protect Your Chickens And Livestock With Game Cameras

I use a lot of different game cameras to protect my livestock, and I especially use game cameras to help me protect my chickens. I’ve got to tell you, there are zillions of them out there, and a lot of them, quite frankly, don’t work.

We recently did a trial on four different ones. . . . Stay tuned for the results!

Raising Meat Chickens_1200x6303

(This is an updated version of an article that was originally published on January 26, 2017.)

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Those little things that mean so much

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I haven’t commented on it in a while, but there are a few people who have been tossing a few bucks in the tip jar and I wanted to say thanks. There’s one fella who actually does a recurring transaction every month and donates, which is damn nice if you ask me.

Anyway, just paid Bluehost for another year of hosting and figured I’d say thanks to those of you who kicked in some spare coin to make sure I can have a venue to butcher the English language and display terrible judgement.

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Minimalizing Made Easy: Here’s What You Need to Know

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It’s no secret that I’m a firm believer in minimalism. In fact, I’ve written a couple of books about simple living and the value of living with less. I love the concept of simple living and minimalism in general. While there’s nothing wrong with having belongings, there’s a certain freedom in simplifying what you have and not hanging onto items out of emotional guilt or childhood trauma.

For me, simple living means I can be in a calm space without a lot of clutter and just have room to be. Instead of focusing on buying stuff and accumulating knick-knacks, I can focus on making memories and spending time with my family.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the leap, so to speak, and starting to live a simpler life by decluttering your home and moving to a more minimalistic approach, there are a few things you need to know before you begin.

First off, start slow. No one is saying you need to sell all of your stuff and buy a tiny home. A few years ago, my husband and I gave away almost all of our belongings (we stored a few boxes with my parents), sold our cars, and moved overseas. The experience was incredible, and getting rid of things wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. We both have a flair for the dramatic, though, so don’t think you need to do anything this crazy. For you, perhaps decluttering your junk drawer will be a good place to start. Maybe simplifying your dining room is what matters most. Never think that just because you read stories about people who live with one piece of furniture that you need to be that person. You don’t. You just need to be you.

It’s also important that you be realistic and respectful of your family. If you live alone, you can skip this part, but for minimalists with spouses and kids, make sure you aren’t decluttering to the point of stressing out your family. Here’s what I mean: I have a girlfriend who wanted to do the whole minimalist-living thing. Her husband didn’t. She got rid of almost everything in the house except for a box of his VHS tapes he was saving. She was trying to decide whether she should get rid of these when he wasn’t looking because he never used them. See the problem? To her, these VHS tapes just took up space. For him, they were a collection of favorite movies he’d taken years to accumulate. I don’t know what ended up happening in this particular situation, but I hope that they were able to communicate openly and honestly and come up with some sort of solution that worked for both of them. If you live with other people, don’t declutter their stuff. Instead, focus on yourself.

It’s also a good idea to set realistic goals. What is it you hope to accomplish by decluttering your house? Some possible goals could include:

  • Having a more relaxing living space
  • Not having piles of books or papers on the kitchen table
  • Reducing the number of boxes in the garage
  • Keeping the space beneath the beds clear
  • Minimizing the amount of clean-up and dusting you have to do
  • Having a tidy living room so unexpected guests don’t cause stress or hasty cleaning
Each person seeks minimalism for a different reason. Understand that no matter what your goals are, there will always be exceptions and there will always be things you can’t declutter. For example, my husband and I both love to study languages. We will never not have books in our house. To some people, the idea of having shelves and shelves of books is a dust bunny invasion waiting to happen. For us, it’s a haven. While it’s pretty difficult not to compare yourself to others, make a conscious effort to focus on yourself and your own goals, rather than what other people are doing.

Are you a minimalist? What are your personal minimalism goals? Leave me a comment and let me know! You can also check out one of my minimalism books, such as Minimalism Made Easy: What it Really Takes to Live With Less, for more ideas!

2017’s Best Holiday Gifts for Preppers

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Baking pies?

Hanging wreaths?

Cold weather?

Must be holiday season!

If you’re like me, you love the holiday season for a number of reasons: decorations, hanging out with family, and eating. Best of all, in my opinion, is the chance to come up with creative and interesting gifts to give the special people in my life. Coming from a family of preppers means that many of my gifts this year are prepper-themed. While finding the right gift for the prepper in your life might seem tricky, the truth is that there are a number of fantastic prepper-themed gifts to fit any budget. Check out these ideas.

1. A complete first aid kit
The First Aid Kit By Renegade Survival for Camping and Hiking or Home and Workplace offers a complete first aid solution for the prepper in your life. Best of all, it comes in an incredible bag that’s easy to transport and store. Finding the right first aid kit can be tricky, but this one offers a number of items that are perfect for any prepper.

2. A backpack for bugging out or traveling
This Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack has a lot of features that any prepper is sure to love. Backpacks are a great choice when it comes to prepper gifts since most preppers can never have enough! I’m still in the process of creating a bug out bag for my car, but I’ll probably choose a durable backpack for it since backpacks offer a simple way to transport important survival items easily.

3. Gardening tools
One thing that tends to get overlooked when you’re reading prepper guides are gardening tools. Most preppers have at least some interest in gardening, so why not help them out with some gardening supplies? The Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set offers a great starter set for newer gardeners who might not have all of the supplies they need to create a fantastic garden.

4. A sleeping bag

Most preppers love to camp, which means a sleeping bag is a solid choice. Sleeping bags can be used regularly for camping and outdoor gatherings, but also make a good addition to bug-out and survival gear supplies. I like this Sleeping Bag, but there are plenty of choices to fit your needs and preferences. 

5. A tent

Again, preppers love to camp! Why not select a Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent for the prepper in your life? The right tent provides a simple space to sleep while traveling, but can also provide some security if you plan to bug out at any point. When you’re shopping for the right tent, make sure you select something that’s big enough for the person you’re shopping for. If he or she has a family, make sure you select a larger tent with plenty of space for everyone.

6. Flashlights
If you’ve ever survived a tornado, hurricane, or long-term power outage, you know one of the first things to disappear from store shelves are flashlights. That’s why a J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight – The Original 300 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Mini Tactical Flashlight is a great choice for preppers this holiday season. Consider gifting a flashlight along with plenty of batteries for the prepper in your life. Flashlights are one of my favorite gifts to give (and receive!) because they’re small, portable, lightweight, and inexpensive.

7. Prepper Books
Never underestimate the value of a good book. This year, why not give books to the prepper in your life? Even if he or she has been prepping for years, sometimes prepper guides can be a fun way to find inspiration and new ideas when it comes to survival. Here are just a few choices you can consider.


Have you considered these gift ideas before? Did any stand out? What are you planning to buy the prepper in your life this holiday season? Leave me a comment and let me know!

DIY Ferro Key

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DIY Ferro Key What does it take to create a survival innovation? We see amazing innovations come from big companies and R&D. Then there are things like the DIY Ferro Key that comes out of nowhere. It’s not a sponsored product or something from a big name tactical distributor. Instead, a normal American was looking …

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Gold, Silver See Solid Rallies On Safe-Haven Demand, Rising Oil

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Gold, Silver See Solid Rallies On Safe-Haven Demand, Rising Oil The currency of our world is changing just like everything else. Being so wrapped up in life it’s hard for us to understand these changes as they happen. Bitcoin jumped to $7000 over the weekend. This is a monumental and, somewhat, terrifying rise in price. …

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How to Be an MMA Prepper and Tough Survival Lessons from UFC 217

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How to Be an MMA Prepper and Tough Survival Lessons from UFC 217 The men and women who cage fight for a living are by far some of the toughest people amongst us. There is no getting around the fact that cutting weight, rigorous training and facing off against another trained assassin takes an iron …

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How to Be an MMA Prepper and Tough Survival Lessons from UFC 217

How to Be an MMA Prepper and Tough Survival Lessons from UFC 217 The men and women who cage fight for a living are by far some of the toughest people amongst us. There is no getting around the fact that cutting weight, rigorous training and facing off against another trained assassin takes an iron …

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The Prepper Tool That You’re Not Using!

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Imagine someone gave you a tool that would greatly help you in your preparedness.  All you need to do is learn how to work it.  If you took a few minutes of your time to understand it and work with it, it would pay off significantly!  Would you take that time?  Would you figure it out?  Well, you do have a very powerful tool!  And you are more than likely not taking advantage of this prepper tool!  Let me explain.

I’m going to start off talking about my pre-prepper days.  I’m in education.  When I transitioned from the classroom to the Instructional Specialist position, I put in a lot of hours and time trying to prove to my administrators that I had what it took to become a leader.  After long hours, I started to… the only way that I can explain it is, I felt “thin,” like I was being stretched.

I was putting a lot out, but I wasn’t putting anything in.  Because I have done a lot of leadership development, outside of the education setting, I knew this wasn’t a good place and that I needed to start putting new ideas and fresh insights into my mind.

Because I like technology, I started looking into using RSS readers and podcasts to start reading articles and listening to shows that were providing new and fresh ideas in education, technology, and leadership.

Benefits of Purposeful Growth

Something happened!  I started feeling energized.  At work, I started seeing things with fresh perspectives, trying new things out and providing good ideas to others.  I saw the benefit of purposefully planning my personal development.  You can’t stay stagnant.  You need to always grow yourself!

When I started in preparedness, I implemented the same approach.  I started reading, listening and watching prepper related articles, podcast and Youtube channels.  It wasn’t long before I realized that there was a need for one central location that could link to all the great preparedness content out there. That’s when Prepper Website was born!

I still read, listen and watch prepper related articles, podcasts and Youtube channels!  But I also read, listen and watch articles, podcasts and Youtube channels that are not prepper related.  I also listen to audiobooks.  In fact, all of this is my primary means of entertainment, as well as learning.  I could probably get rid of the TV if it weren’t for the stupid Hallmark channel.  Don’t tell my wife I said that! 😉

The point is that you need to be purposeful about your growth, preparedness, and other areas too!  You already visit Prepper Website and navigate the internet.  More than likely you are watching Youtube videos too.  But the tool that you are most likely not utilizing is podcasts!

A Prepper Tool for Everyone

If you drive to work, workout, run, walk the dog or just have the radio on in the house during the day, you can listen to podcasts.

Technology has increased so much that it is so easy to bring up a podcast on your phone and listen to it.  In fact, you can set it to where it downloads automatically, and it just appears.  You can listen to it and then delete it from your phone to save space!

If you are going to start listening to podcasts, you’ll need an APP.  There are many good APPS out there for Android phones.  I use Pocket Cast.  It cost $3.99, but it is worth it!  Before Pocket Cast, I used Beyond Pod.  Stitcher also has a good APP that you can download for free.  iPhone and Ipad users have iTunes that will download podcasts.

Most of these APPS have a search function that you can just type in the name of a podcast or just a topic.  If a podcast you’re looking for doesn’t show up, you’ll have to get the RSS feed, usually displayed on the podcast’s website, to add to your podcast APP.  But it is very simple!

If you are looking for podcasts to follow, I listed the podcasts that I have in my APP, along with some other notable podcasts here.

Get That APP!

Check out this video on the Pocket Cast APP.


Here are some other links to videos that show you other podcast APPS

Final Thoughts

If you have time where you can put in some earphones or listen in your vehicle, you have the opportunity to add some real beneficial ideas and information to your mind.  Remember, there are podcasts on every topic imaginable!  There is something for you.

Do you already listen to podcasts?  Please share some of your favorite prepper and non-prepper podcasts in the comments below.



“Q” Presents a Large Spreadsheet Of Q&A on What Is Really Going On In The World

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Eruptive forces are building out of sight. If reports are true, at least there was some warning. “Q” is the code name of a deep insider, we are told, who is spilling state secrets in posts that entail a series of questions tied to bread crumbs. It’s a sort of one-handed Socratic Method, where Q’s questions pose inferences which catalyze new ways of looking at the political and financial landscape. A landscape Q suggests will soon turn to Jell-O. Sensitives may do well to anticipate vertigo, disequilibrium, and presyncope. dy

Voting For Your Rights, By Ron Owen.

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Thoughts For The Week.

On election day 25th November 2017, either the 600,000 licenced shooters of Queensland will work together, to put Labor, LNP and Greens at the bottom of the voting ticket and pro firearm ownership candidates at the top, and giving the forces against us the biggest electoral defeat since Barrie Unsworth (NSW) in March 1988, or we will be further tyrannised for another 25 years. We have been waiting for this golden opportunity for a quarter of a century. If we cannot do it this time we do not deserve another chance.
Get Political for Two Weeks and Make a Difference to Our Future.

Never have the forces of evil been in such disarray. Never has it been so open and shut, we either work to put the minor pro shooting parties and independents in a coalition to improve our plight, or follow your family voting pattern, (vote LNP or Labor or Green) then hand your guns in, or go live in New Zealand. You are either with us, or against us.

Now, is the Time.
Now is the Time to get political, even if you have to miss out on a few shooting events.
Firstly, and most importantly contact candidates and check their credentials. Ask them to convince you that they will persistently work to achieve

A. The end of long arm registration,

B. For the individual right of law abiding citizens to own firearms (semi autos, pumps hand guns) as of right and suitable for their needs,

C. For the individual right of all law abiding citizens to use firearms to defend their lives, family and property.

If you do nothing else, that small effort of canvassing candidates will cause change, as that will alert candidates to which issue they won or lost the election.

Secondly, chose a candidate to assist, put some signs out for them, offer to hand out how to vote cards for them. Write letters to the editor of local papers, they should be swamped with letters, share all pro gun articles on social media and most importantly ‘verbalise’, speak out, to all your friends and family about the importance of voting the right way. Explain to all, the importance of filling out every square on the voting paper, as this is full preferential voting, this gives the minor parties and independents the best opportunity of gaining seats.

First Past the Post system of voting gives the major parties an advantage as
in a five candidate election a party with 22% of the vote can have a majority
and 78% of the electorate can hate his guts. When second and third preferences are counted if the candidate does not get over 50% of the first preferences that does not happen and a candidate that is more suited to
most of the peoples ideas wins.

If LNP, Labor or Greens gain power we will have another four years of the Queensland Police making policy to suit themselves from their ivory tower that is built on our backs, paid for by the impositions of fees and charges for our innocence under their dogmatic indolence.

When deciding who to put last out of Labor, LNP and Greens, you have to punish the sitting member out of the three by putting them last as they will have the chance of needing your preference.

The LNP have to be counted as in Coalition with Labor. They Vote with Labor, so they are Labor.
In an article printed in several Queensland newspapers where in a meeting with LNP Members of Parliament, Tony Perrett MP (our local member) and Dr Christian Rowan MP for Moggill and Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection I was correctly quoted as stating,

“Most of the shooters will not vote for them (LNP) anyway” the article did not include the reasons why shooters will not vote for the LNP, which had been the subject intensely discussed at this meeting with Tony Perrett MP and Dr Christian Rowan.

Furthermore to the John Howard “Great Firearm Theft of 1996/7 and the Hand Gun Theft of 2003”, which were implemented by the National Party, Russell Cooper and Tim Fischer where both voted with Labor. Again Tim Nichols LNP has recently twice voted with Labor to oppose primary producers’ rights to
own Category H firearms then voted again to support the Labor party’s Weapons Legislation (Lever Action Shotguns NFA) Amendment Regulation

If the LNP votes with Labor, if they have mutually beneficial deals with Labor they are part and parcel of Labor, we have to deal with them the same way we deal with Labor, we vote against them.

Admittedly, our local member, Tony Perrett, was a champion and at the above mentioned vote on October 11th on the NFA, he crossed the floor and voted
with the Katter Party and One Nation Party. We all here in Gympie, hoped that he would have stood as an Independent for the forthcoming election, but he has chosen to remain with the LNP and as his party has caused so much pain for law abiding firearm owners, we cannot vote for the LNP, or Labor, or the Greens. I admire Mr Perrett for crossing the floor and would always want to count him as one of my friends, but cannot help him, as that would assist the LNP who will always betray firearm owners.

The Great Carrot.
On November 2, 2017 LNP Shadow Minister for the Environment Christian Rowan MP announced in Gympie that the LNP would grant a lease of the land in the Curra State Forest, and provide $150,000 grant to the Cooloola Range Complex Association Inc to progress this facility. (Since that time One Nation has given the Association a written pact that if they have the balance of power Cooloola Range Complex Association would get the range complex site and $500,000 to build a world class facility.)
As I am the president of the Cooloola Range Complex Association Inc this announcement was made at the Owen Guns business premises, with Mr Perrett in attendance. Of course, as the campaign to regain our centrefire shooting range in Gympie has been a 25 year battle, I was very pleased to hear that news and told them so, but also reminded them that their LNP government had been in power several times during the last 25 years and last time in 2012, the minister had even given an Agreement in Principle, but continually delayed and procrastinated, preventing the project from proceeding. We also are fully aware that the only reason that we are getting this promise after 25 years is that the ‘One Nation party’ is now a real threat to their seats in the house of parliament. Without the rise of One Nation the promise would not have been forthcoming. This promise is only on the proviso that the LNP wins the forthcoming election.

I reminded Mr Perrett and Dr Rowan that as the LNP had betrayed the firearm owners yet again and had twice voted with the Labor Party to impose further impositions on law abiding firearm owners their chances of re-election were greatly reduced and that as we spoke the firearm industry and shooting associations were raising a million dollars to ensure their electoral demise.

The Nurenberg Defence.
Dr Rowan suggested that in politics everything was a trade-off, a compromise and that he felt that even though he knew what they were voting for was wrong, the LNP was a better alternative than Labor and to do some good he had to stick with the LNP.

I reminded him that what he had described was in legal circles called the Nuremberg defence, where German Nazi SS soldiers admitted to knowing that they had done wrong, but blamed their superior officers for making the decisions.

That defence failed at the Nuremberg trials and those soldiers were hanged, under the ‘common law principle’ that if you know you’re doing wrong then you are a part of it and share the guilt.

Mr Perrett knew that further impositions on law abiding firearm owners was against the wishes of his electorate and blatantly diametrically opposed to the LNP’s own firearm policy so he took the correct course and became the first and last LNP member to cross the floor of the 55th Parliament.

The rest of the LNP members followed the party dictates, followed the orders in the same way as those German soldiers and like them have to accept the consequences.

Let us hope on the evening of the 25th November that the consequences of following the party orders ‘knowing they committed a wrong’, results in a loss of seats and losing government. As they will remember this mistake for the rest of their lives.

Is Firearm Ownerships a Right or Responsibility?
As at times we all have to debate the reasons for Firearm Ownership with
people who for many reasons have only had emotional negative thoughts about firearms so we need to identify the correct logic in our philosophy so we can properly communicate to people who have had no experience with firearms. A friend of mine raised the issue as a question,

Is Firearm Ownerships a Right or Responsibility?

A Right, or a Responsibility? I believe it is Both.

Because it is in the same way that Day follows Night.

If not a Right, it is certainly a Responsibility,

as if you do not believe that you have a Right to defend your own life, you may Wrongly allow someone else to choke you to death.

That cannot be Right so the opposite has to be Right.

So if you have a Responsibility to defend your life and to defend the lives of others such as your children, or your aged parents, and not to go quietly into the night, in the gas chamber queue.

So it would be wrong, for someone to prevent you from carrying out your Responsibilities so it is a Right. Surely people can see that a country has a Right to defend itself. If it does not, a foreign enemy could commit genocide on the whole population. The government, or the leaders of that nation have a responsibility to defend their nation in the same way that a father has the responsibility to defend his family. Once that conclusion is made then its is only a choice in how that defence is carried out.

Question                                                                           Answer

Do we believe that our Defence is instantly available via a mobile phone?                                                                                NO!

Do we really believe that Assistance is only 15 minutes away?                                                                                 NO! 
(when you could be dead in 15 seconds)

Does the State have a Responsibility to Defend You?                                                                                   NO!

Does the Police have a Responsibility to Defend You?                                                                                     NO!

Do Gun Free Zones have a Responsibility to Defend You?                                                                                     NO!

Does the Church have a Responsibility to Defend its parishioners?                                                                                                    NO!

Does the Cinema or Mall or Café have a Responsibility to Defend You?                                                                                     NO!

Do the people have a Responsibility to defend themselves?                                                                           YES!

Who Ultimately has the Responsibility to defend you?      ONLY YOU!

Your life is a precious gift, and just like any precious gift, you have the Responsibility to care for that and treat that life with the proper respect.

We all know that initiating violence is not an appropriate thing to do, violence when used in defence of self or others, is not only Right, but a required Responsibility.

‘Ethics’ hallow the principle of self-defence as both a right and an obligation, a responsibility. ‘Ethics’ also stress our moral duty to defend others against violent attacks.

To be sure, guns may be misused to injure or kill innocent people, but evil doers have killed and injured since time immemorial and did not need guns, after all, Cain killed Abel with his bare hands! In Biblical times, the slogan might well have been, “Swords don’t kill people. People kill people.” Swords were used to commit genocide, wipe out the populations of entire countries. Of course guns can do the same, but the main difference is that before the firearm was invented the strongest person with the axe or sword won every confrontation but when the equaliser, the firearm became available it made all equal, strength was no more the massive advantage. Now, firearm ownership can and will overcome brute strength.

Crime Rates Fall As Firearm Ownership Increases.

Australia 2.02 million licences and 6.03 million firearms is increasing annually by 27.5 %, while crime rates fall?

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (You Read it Right, We Are Criminals Registered and Counted by a Commission with a responsibility for Listing know Criminals.

ACIC 2016–17 Annual Report

Movie Monday – Wartime Farm – Episode 7

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Wartime Farm

Back by popular demand is the entire series of BBCs Wartime Farm.  BBC’s “Wartime Farm” features the efforts of historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn, who run Manor Farm as it may have been run during World War II. The program focuses on all aspects of domestic and farming life of the period, with the team managing livestock, attempting to cultivate unused land, tackling new tools and technologies, and learning the basics of civil defense — all while facing shortages. They face one of the biggest challenges in the history of the British countryside, what Winston Churchill called “the frontline of freedom.”

 These films are presented as an exception to the copyright act as fair dealing for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire. See bill c-42 article 29.

Movie Monday – Wartime Farm – Episode 7

Wartime Farm

Back by popular demand is the entire series of BBCs Wartime Farm.  BBC’s “Wartime Farm” features the efforts of historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn, who run Manor Farm as it may have been run during World War II. The program focuses on all aspects of domestic and farming life of the period, with the team managing livestock, attempting to cultivate unused land, tackling new tools and technologies, and learning the basics of civil defense — all while facing shortages. They face one of the biggest challenges in the history of the British countryside, what Winston Churchill called “the frontline of freedom.”

 These films are presented as an exception to the copyright act as fair dealing for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire. See bill c-42 article 29.

Greenhouse Plastic: What You Need To Buy To Build Your Greenhouse

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The post Greenhouse Plastic: What You Need To Buy To Build Your Greenhouse is by
Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

When building a greenhouse, you need to have greenhouse plastic unless you’re building a permanent structure with solid-sheet panels of glass, acrylic, or polyethylene. So what should you use? How do you figure out how much you need, and what’s the best greenhouse plastic for your needs? Today we’ll dive into the world of greenhouse … Read more

The post Greenhouse Plastic: What You Need To Buy To Build Your Greenhouse is by
Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

Greenhouse Plastic: What You Need To Buy To Build Your Greenhouse

The post Greenhouse Plastic: What You Need To Buy To Build Your Greenhouse is by
Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

When building a greenhouse, you need to have greenhouse plastic unless you’re building a permanent structure with solid-sheet panels of glass, acrylic, or polyethylene. So what should you use? How do you figure out how much you need, and what’s the best greenhouse plastic for your needs? Today we’ll dive into the world of greenhouse … Read more

The post Greenhouse Plastic: What You Need To Buy To Build Your Greenhouse is by
Lorin Nielsen and appeared first on Epic Gardening, the best urban gardening, hydroponic gardening, and aquaponic gardening blog.

Ingrown Toenails Off The Grid

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Ingrown Toenails

In the typical zombie apocalypse movie or TV show, you’ll see gunshot wounds and broken bones. Off the grid, however, minor conditions can be a major detriment to the performance of many activities of daily survival. One of these is the ingrown toenail, also known as Onychocryptosis.

You rugged individualists out there might think toenail problems are no big deal, that is, until you have one. When you have to be at 110% efficiency just to survive, you don’t want to be in pain every time you take a step. In the worst scenarios, ingrown nails can cause skin ulcers, blood infections (also called “septicemia”), or even total loss of circulation (“gangrene”).

Your fingernails and toenails are made up of a protein called keratin. It is the substance that forms the claws (and covering of horns and hooves) of animals. When we refer to issues involving nails, we refer to it as “ungual” (from the latin word for claw: unguis).


The nail consists of several parts. They include:

The nail plate: this is the hard covering of the end of your finger or toe; what you consider to be the nail.

The nail bed: the skin directly under the nail plate. Made up of dermis and epidermis just like the rest of your skin, the superficial epidermis moves along with the nail plate as it grows. Vertical grooves attach the superficial epidermis to the deep dermis. In older people, the nail plate thins out and you can see the grooves if you look closely. Blood vessels and nerves run through the nail bed.

The nail (or “germinal”) matrix: the portion or root at the base of the nail under the cuticle that produces new cells for the nail plate. You can see a portion of the matrix in the light half-moon (the “lunula”) visible at the base of the nail plate. This determines the shape and thickness of the nail; a curved matrix produces a curved nail, a flat one produces a flat nail.

An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail grows downward and into the skin of the toe. It can occur for a number of reasons, but poorly fitting shoes and poorly trimmed toenails are the most common causes. The big toe is usually affected, but any toenail can become ingrown.

Symptoms of an Ingrown Toenail

The skin along the edge of a toenail that is ingrown may appear:

  • Red
  • Swollen
  • Painful
  • Warm to the touch

These are signs not only of pressure on the skin, but also the beginning of an infection. If not treated, the condition worsens, possibly even leading to the drainage of pus.

Ingrown Toenails and Your Shoes

Shoes that are either too tight or too loose can cause ingrown toenails. If too loose, it causes continual pounding of your big toe against the inside due to movement within the shoe as you walk. With shoes that are too small for your foot (or even high heels), extra pressure is placed on your toes which prevents normal nail growth.

Improper Trimming

Nails that are not trimmed properly can also cause ingrown toenails. This happens when your toenails are trimmed too short or you cut your toenails in a rounded fashion instead of straight across. Rounded cuts are appropriate for fingernails, but not toenails. The edges of the nails will tend to curl downward and grow right into the skin.

Other Causes

While the above problems can be rectified, some less avoidable factors like heredity, injuries, or medical conditions may also cause ingrown toenails. Some people are born with nails that are curved and naturally tend to curve inward. Injuries to the nail bed can also cause ingrown toenails, especially if it affects the germinal matrix, the living part of the nail that produces new cells.

People with diabetes or other illnesses that cause poor circulation are also at higher risk for these problems. A diabetic, for example, may experience nerve damage and not realize that excessive pressure is being applied to the toes by ill-fitting shoes. They may not even notice that the nail is growing into the skin.

Badly ignored ingrown nail

Badly ignored ingrown nail

Of course, in normal times, there are doctors like podiatrists or orthopedic specialists you should visit to deal with the problem. Off the grid, however, here’s some tips on how to treat an ingrown nail:

  • Soak the foot in warm water with Epsom salts 3 to 4 times a day. In between soaks, keep the toe dry.
  • Use an antiseptic to decrease the bacterial count in the area
  • Place a small piece of moist cotton, waxed dental floss, or other material  under the nail to help it grow away from the skin.
  • Consider wearing sandals until improved.
conservative management of ingrown nail

conservative management of ingrown toenail

Aggressive Treatment

At some point, you may have no choice but to intervene more aggressively. In these circumstances, you may have to remove the offending segment of nail.

Wedge resection of Ingrown Toenail

Wedge resection of Ingrown Toenail

Take the ingrown curved side, about 1/5 of the nail plate width or less. You may have to cut all the way down to the base in some cases. This procedure is more easily done after injecting some numbing medicine into the area, such as lidocaine. Avoid lidocaine with epinephrine; it may compromise the circulation and possibly lead to gangrene. If you have plain lidocaine, consider establishing a “digital block”, seen below:

After Ingrown Toenail Removal

If the toe is infected, antibiotics might be appropriate. Triple antibiotic ointment may be helpful here, but oral antibiotics, such as Keflex (fish-flex), Clindamycin (Fish-Cin) and Amoxicillin (fish-mox forte) may be necessary.  For more information about antibiotics, go here for the first of a 4 part series.

If a portion of the nail is cut off, patience is required as it will take months for the nail to regrow. If you have a genetic tendency toward ingrown toenails, be prepared to deal with recurrences.

Wearing properly-fitted and protective shoes, managing medical conditions, and teaching appropriate foot grooming methods will make sure that the steps on your journey to medical preparedness won’t be painful ones.

For my youtube video on this topic, click below:

Joe Alton MD

Find out more about ingrown toenails and 150 other medical topics when help is not on the way in “The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Medical Help is Not on the Way”, now in its award-winning Third Edition.

Great Barrier Reef – Coral Spawning

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Coral eggs meet sperm deep under water

How life is made

The world’s biggest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef, has held its annual Coral Spawning event, with trillions of eggs and sperm simultaneously releasing into the ocean making the underwater world more akin to a snow globe. We have exclusive video footage.

Some of the most extreme and beautiful off-grid locations in the world are around coral reefs – in New Zealand Australia and the Bahamas, as well as Hawaii and elsewhere in the Pacific. but its rare to get shots of the way these reefs grow – known as spawning.

Spawning events and egg production revealed a peak breeding season from November through May, which coincides with temperatures below 30 degrees C. Noticeably fewer spawning events and smaller clutch sizes occurred during the warmer months (30-31.5 degrees C) of June through October. Within the spawning season, egg production increased weakly leading up to the new moon and decreased after the full moon.

About 600 types of coral can be found in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and all of them come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Despite looking like plants, corals and colonies are very small animals called coral polyps which are clsoely related to jellyfish and come in two common types, hard and soft.

Hard corals act as a building blocks for the Reef that form when colonies of coral polyps produce limestone skeletons to support themselves. In most cases, a hard coral consists of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of individual coral polyps living together as a colony.

Soft corals are flexible because they lack a solid skeleton which means they are often mistaken for plants. Instead, they are supported by tiny limestone spike-like structures called spicules.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s biggest coral reef system on Earth stretching 2,300 kilometers from the tip of the Cape York Peninsula to Bundaberg. It is Queensland’s tourism asset with around two million visitors experiencing the reef each year!

For more information on holidays to Queensland go to

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Here’s How to Design and Organize an Easy and Practical Camp Kitchen

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Here’s How to Design and Organize an Easy and Practical Camp Kitchen If your disaster preparedness plans involve some sort of bugout you are going to want to become a pretty good camper. You will not have the options you think when you get out in the woods. if you aren’t used to sleeping on …

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Roadside Emergency Kit Review by Survival Hax

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I was recently sent this for review. It’s all nicely contained within this handy bag: Most items are further protected inside plastic bags which is nice and all items are easily returned to the bag after removal. Now, the first thing I went looking for, believe it or not, was an owner’s manual (yes, I’m … Continue reading “Roadside Emergency Kit Review by Survival Hax”

Build Your Prepper Pantry & Easy Prepping in 14 Days

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Building Your Prepper Pantry (The Prepper Life Book 4) was free at the time of this post.

 If you’re thinking of starting your own pantry, there are a few things you should consider before you head to the store. This guide is designed to get you thinking about how you’ll start your pantry, what things you want to stock up on, and how much you can afford to invest in a pantry.

 Whether you’re a full-time college student who wants to start storing food in your studio apartment or you’re the busy mother of three who wants to make your budget stretch a bit, you’ll find tips and tricks for making a pantry work for you.

Easy Prepping in 14 Days: Two Weeks to a More Prepared Life (The Prepper Life Book 2) was free at the time of this post.

Easy Prepping in 14 Days

Are you tired of feeling like you’re unprepared?

Are you tired of worrying about each storm that passes?

Are you frustrated with knowing that many people are “preppers,” but that you have no idea what that means?

Easy Prepping in 14 Days is the second book in Penelope Hoyt’s Prepper Life series. In this guide, you’ll learn how you can get your family ready to survive natural disasters in just 14 days. This book demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of time OR a lot of money to make sure that your family is safe, healthy, warm, dry, and strong during any storm that comes your way.

Puerto Rico: What It’s Really Like After the SHTF

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Puerto Rico: What It’s Really Like After the SHTF Things are dire in Puerto Rico. We haven’t heard much directly from people there since Hurricane Maria took out power for the entire island, but what we do know is that the situation is desperate. This is a shocking, real-life glimpse into what it’s really like …

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The Best Foods To Hoard When The Power Is Out

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The Best Foods To Hoard When The Power Is Out A few years ago, the loss of power didn’t seem so catastrophic to us, but today, it seems that things have changed. Increasing cyber-attacks, natural disaster, and terrorist attacks are causing long-term blackouts. The recent disaster in Puerto Rico is showing us how the lack …

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Gluten-Free Cookie Baking Tips + Recipes

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Being in my kitchen and going after my family’s hearts via their stomach is a passion of mine. A gluten-free and dairy-free diet was recommended for my son thirteen years ago when he was diagnosed as high functioning autistic with Asperger tendencies. In all honesty, that put me into a tailspin when I started looking […]

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Video Monday: 12ga. Camping Trip Alarms – Unusual shell loads!

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Hello, my friend and welcome back!  We all know the importance of perimeter alarms in an SHTF situation.  While there are a lot of different ways to accomplish this, some are far more effective than others. …

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The Grand Luci Light Giveaway!

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luci light giveawayJust a few days ago, I went into exceedingly great detail about how important the solar lantern, the Luci light, is to my emergency preparedness. You can read my ravings here, along with a list of creative uses for Luci.

It occurred to me that offering a giveaway prize pack featuring the Luci would be very much in the spirit of Thanksgiving and my own gratefulness to you, my readers. If it weren’t for you, I couldn’t be doing what I love to do — helping moms worry less by making proactive plans for any and all types of emergencies. It blesses me to know that my articles, my books, and my other ventures are helping real-life families.

So, I’m excited to announce the prize package for this giveaway:

All together, this package will help you make smart plans for the emergencies that are most likely in your area. (Hint: be sure to work through my worksheet, 5-Step Threat Assessment.)

To enter this giveaway, just use the Rafflecopter form below. Give it a few seconds to load, since it can be just a tad slow sometimes.

I’m going to be in and out of the country through November, so I’m going to let this giveaway run a little longer than usual — 3 weeks. What this means, if you’re a very determined giveaway fan, is that you can enter the giveaway numerous times during that period!

And, this is a giveaway you may want to share with your friends and family.

New to Rafflecopter giveaways? Read this.

Here’s the giveaway and good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How To Disappear Online And Fly Under The Radar

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There was a time when you didn’t have to look over your shoulder to see if you’re watched. Privacy was as normal and real as paying the bills at the bank, or buying milk from the grocery. Those days are gone. You don’t need to go to the grocery to buy milk or enter the bank for paying the bills. Thanks to internet, they are just one click away.

But even if you can’t see anybody standing right behind you, you know they are there, watching every page you visit, every payment you make, and following your traces through the virtual world. Then they could easily steal your data, empty your card, build your profile and scan your everything till you have nothing private left.

Are you ready to face these scammers and protect your right to privacy? Here’s what you need to know!

This is why conventional survival defense won’t work!

To make it short, there are four things you should keep in mind about going under the radar on internet. Keep reading the article to see what’s to be said about each of them.

  • Privacy isn’t typically compromised due to poor SOP, it is typically compromised by human error, complacency, short cuts and failure to adhere to SOP.
  • Compartment identities, devices and where you use them. Have separate devices for each identity and use them at different locations.
  • Emails, credit cards, phone numbers and even addresses can all be masked at low cost by services such as Blur.
  • Tails is an OS that enables you to use TOR to access the internet, and send encrypted email and text messages from virtually any computer or phone by connecting a multiport USB flash drive, leaving no trace that you were there.

Manage Your Expectations

For most, compartmenting identities mitigates the need to disappear completely, even online. If your needs go beyond compartmenting identities, you will need to learn more than it is possible to teach you in an article, even just to disappear online, but I will touch on the more general aspects of this undertaking.

Make sure your expectations are realistic. Even if you opt out of programs, scour the internet and are successful in getting everything deleted that is currently online, there may still be copies saved in historical internet or government archives.

You may need to ask, petition or compel entities to delete information that you consider to be sensitive, but you will not likely be able to get data deleted from secret archives that you may or may not even know exist.

Nonetheless, though you may not be able to get all your sensitive data deleted, you can still slow it or stop it from spreading and keep it out of the hands of most people by reducing your online footprint.

Privacy May Not Be Convenient, But It Is Worth It

Privacy reduces stress and keeps you free. One thing privacy is not, is convenient. Many people are addicted to convenience these days, but reclaiming your privacy, like most things worth doing, is neither easy nor convenient.

When I was a kid, long distance phone calls out of country were extremely expensive. So was air mail! So, we sent letters by surface mail and then we would wait over a month for a reply.

I have read journals of my immigrant pioneer ancestors in the old West. They would have thought I was spoiled as a kid because it was not uncommon for them to wait years for letters from family. Now, if the power grid or the internet hiccups, even for a minute, folks just go nuts. In emergencies, people often endanger themselves for a chance to get information that is often nothing more than rumors!

If you are addicted to convenience, you will never know privacy or freedom until you overcome this addiction. The best way to do this is to sufficiently commit yourself to the cause of privacy right from the start.

If you fail for want of motivation, it will not likely be because you lacked self-discipline, but because you were not sufficiently dedicated to the cause. If your motivation wanes as the battle drags on, revisit the reasons why privacy is so important.

Disappear Online and Fly Under the Radar

Develop a Privacy SOP and Stick to It

The quality of your IT OPSEC/PERSEC SOP and the competence and discipline with which you execute it are, far and away, the two most crucial factors in determining whether you will be found or successfully disappear online.

If you are a smart, that’s great, but genius hackers get caught all the time.

Identify Who You Are Hiding From

Who are you hiding from and how much money, time and human resources are they willing to invest in finding you?

These are huge factors, because hiding from a stalker with limited financial resources, intelligence and contacts is very different from hiding from an evil genius billionaire or a superpower willing to create entire departments dedicated to your capture.

If the entity you are hiding from can, and is willing to, allocate satellite time and Santa Clause budgets to teams of analysts, you truly have your work cut out for you.

The more money and resources those searching for you are willing to invest in finding you, the more likely it is that they will eventually find you. Will they spend $50, $500, $5K, $50K, $500K, 5M, 50M or more?

It helps if you can estimate that number because every tier, it becomes exponentially harder to hide from them. Up to $500, you will probably go to your grave without being found. 5K gets tougher if they hire a competent professional. At 50K their reach extents well across international borders and they can pay for a lot of IT analyst time. At 500K you are in serious trouble.


How deep you take it is up to you, but compartmenting is an effective and somewhat idiot-proof way to keep from screwing up the execution of your SOP. Compartmenting should go much deeper than we will take it here, but it will give you the idea and you can extend it to other areas (banking, mailing addresses, vehicles and so on.)

  1. Identities – Criminals have aliases. Good guys have alternate identities, pen names, stage names, travel names, undercover names and call signs. Separate the identity with which you deal with the government from other identities, including any other identities that you use to access the internet.
  2. Hardware – You can use the internet and talk on the phone using your legal name and alternate identities, but using separate phone(s) and computer(s) for each identity is a simple and robust way to compartment. This way, the IP for the online identity you want to keep under the radar has different Mac and IP addresses from the person your neighbors know.
  3. Locations – You can use computer(s) and cell phone(s) with each identity, but do not use them in the same place! Every time your cell phone connects to a cell tower, analysts have an opportunity to get a pretty good idea of where you are at. If your device has a GPS and it is enabled or able to be enabled remotely, they know right where your phone is at, and for most folks nowadays, their phone might as well be surgically implanted, because it is always with them.

The IT forensics bag is a great tool for maintaining compartmented locations because you can drop a phone in one of these bags and its heavy EM shielding prevents it from communicating with cell towers, wireless routers, skimmers and any other wireless technology that could tie the location of the device to locations frequented by your other identities. If two of your identities frequent the same place or their paths cross, that would be a good place to setup surveillance, search for a dead drop, etc. and connect the two.

Make Your Computers and Devices Hard to Track

1. VPN (Virtual Private Networking) Service

VPN establishes a point to point connection from your computer to another computer somewhere on the internet. Information is then sent and received through an encrypted virtual tunnel, protecting your privacy.

Because the data is encrypted, even if it is intercepted with a packet analyzer, without the correct encryption key the intercepted data will just be a bunch of meaningless characters.

VPN Service is a paid internet service that establishes a VPN connection from your computer, to a random computer at your VPN service provider. This way, when you surf the internet, the websites see the IP address for the computer at the VPN provider, not your computer.

If you choose a VPN service provider that owns vast banks of IP addresses in many countries, all with laws that do not allow good cooperation with your country, even getting your address out of your VPN provider as part of an investigation becomes problematic and expensive, helping to protect your identity and privacy.

Criminals, web sites or stalkers will not likely be able to get you address and private investigators would have to spend a lot of money and time and likely break a lot of laws get ahold of your IP address.

2. TOR (The Onion Router)

It is free software maintained by volunteers that can enable you to share information over public networks, like the internet, without compromising your privacy.

It does this by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels, using the computers of other TOR users instead of connecting directly.


This is TOR for Android.

4. Blur

Blur is a service by an online privacy company called Abine. A very common need online is to provide an email address, which needs to be verified to open an account. Blur solves this problem by giving you the ability to create an unlimited number masked emails and forwarding the mail sent to them to another email address that you designate.

If that email is used to spam you, you can block it with a single click. The free service gives you an encrypted password manager, masked emails, tracker blocking and auto-fill, which greatly simplify account creation, which you will be doing a lot of if you maintain multiple identities.

The paid Blur service adds masked credit cards, a masked phone number that also works with text messages and a backup and sync service. If you get unwanted phone calls, you can block them. If you don’t want to give your banking information to some shady vendor on eBay, give them a masked card, email and phone number.

Blur is not the only free service that provides masked emails. Some other services are not based in the US, which is a plus, and do this in an even more secure fashion where the email only exists for a short time and is then gone forever without creating any records to subpoena, but Blur is the most comprehensive service I have tried so far.

5. Tails (The Amnesiac Incognito Live System)

A magnificent privacy tool, Tails is a live operating system built on a Unix-like OS called Debian built with one thing in mind: privacy. Tails can start from most USB sticks or a DVD, uses TOR to access the internet anonymously, leaves no trace and includes tools to encrypt files, email and instant messaging … built in. Best installed on a multiport flash drive with iPhone, MiniUSB OTG, and USB connectivity.

So, why aren’t you downloading it yet? If you aren’t or haven’t you should.

6. Panopticlick

A tool by the EFF that tests the uniqueness of the configuration of the internet browser you use to access the site. If you have a very unique browser configuration, this can be used like fingerprints or DNA for your browser, identifying your computer with a certain probability like 1 in 500K. Or 1 in 200 … even over VPN!

Encrypt, Encrypt, Encrypt

Think of encryption as a final layer of defense in the even that your privacy measures are compromised.

Click here to get your guide to a layered survival defense!

I truly believe that one day, professors will refer to our time as the “Neo-encryption Era” … and that they will point at us and laugh.

You see, they will dig up hard drives and M-Disks in landfills, buy them from junk dealers or study them in museums and still be able to read the data as much as a thousand years later. They will have a look at our lives in unprecedented levels of detail.

They will have HD video, medical records, credit card, bank and other financial records. Customer loyalty records will tell them everything your bought from the grocery store and they will examine it, and likely draw conclusions out of context.

They will have phone records and ISP records that may show everyplace you ever go with your cellphone turned on, every email, every text and secret government records that you probably don’t even know exist. They will have records created every time cameras mounted on patrol cars and tow trucks image your license plate in parking lots.

From these records, they will determine, where you go to church and how often. Where you eat and where you shop. Meetings, work days and gun shows will be analyzed, as will everyone you knew who was also there. They will probably draw all kinds of conclusion that may or may not be correct about why you were there and with who or that that some place you went to regularly was within walking distance of where a friend’s spouse worked or a gay bar or mosque, and so on … and they will do this, in part, because we were too ignorant or lazy to encrypt our data.

Some encrypted email providers, like Countermail in Sweden, support hardware (USB) encryption keys and even accept cash payments through the mail. If you don’t have a little encrypted server space in another country and the ability to create untraceable email addresses, today would be a great time to start.

Reduce Your Online Footprint

DeleteMe! – DeleteMe! Is a another service by Abine that removes personal info from the major online data brokers, substantially reducing your online footprint. The service ranges from $69-$129 per person per year with discounts if you add additional people or pay for more years. But you can do the same thing yourself if you have more time than money and Abine has a great resource page to help you do just that for free right here. Some data clearinghouses do not make this process convenient, but you are going to need to do a certain amount of legwork even if you pay for some services.

Privacy Badger – Blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.

DuckDuckGo – Search engine that doesn’t track you.

Firefox – Internet browser for those concerned about privacy. Firefox has many plugins, such as NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, Cookie Monster, AdBlock Plus and others that contribute to safer, more private browsing experience.

EFF Surveillance Self-Defense – A great collection of tips, tools, tutorials, overviews, briefings and how-to articles you can use to education yourself about privacy. Study it and fill in the chinks in your armor.

If you’re tired of all the stuff every employer, cyber stalker, or online criminal can find out about you and your family, this is the right moment to protect yourself and go unnoticed. It’s one big step to a secure existence and stay safe in these turbulent times!

This article has been written by Cache Valley Prepper for Survivopedia.

When a Zippo Is Not Enough, These Fire Starting Materials Could Be a Lifesaver

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ReadyNutrition Readers, this piece is a reiteration of fire-starting basics in terms of materials to stockpile for yourselves, for your winter-fires or for a grid-down/collapse event.  You can place these materials in your home, in your “Bug-Out” bag, your vehicle, and in your work locations.  Sometimes the Zippo lighter is not enough, and you need a little more material in order to “kick start” your fires.  Let’s cover some of them as well as simple procedures to keep them waterproof.

There are several types of stormproof and windproof matches.  The company I recommend for them are UCO windproof and waterproof matches.  You can purchase these at Cabela’s or you can visit the site at UCO gear.

These guys deliver, and they come within a case that keeps them waterproof (even though they can be submerged under water and then struck on virtually any surface).  At $5 to $7 they’re a good investment.  Strike anywhere matches can be waterproofed, however, they are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture/humidity/water with time.

Along with matches, you’ll need a good lighter.  Everyone is familiar with the Zippo, that works on white gas/Coleman fuel, as well as gasoline.  They are good to have for a backup when the times are tough, and butane is in short supply.  The drawbacks lie in the fact that they leak, meaning the lighter doesn’t stay closed and loses/evaporates its fuel.  Also, you need flints and wicks with them.

For disposables, I really like the ones made by Djeep, a French firm.  They are short, rectangular, and stubby, and they both take a beating and are dependable.  It can’t hurt to pick up a few dozen of them.  The “El-Cheapo” lighters made in Vietnam are unreliable and will not work when the time comes.  If you can’t get hold of Djeeps, stick with your Bics, as there is usually better quality control over them than in the “off” brands.

As far as fire-starting materials are concerned, I have recommended in previous articles that you refrain from buying some commercial fire-starters as in Coughlans or another name-brand.  Buy a fire log in your local grocery store.  The fire logs are made of sawdust and paraffin and wrapped up after they are compressed in paper that can also be burnt.  You slice off a section of the fire log, wrap it in paper (try wax paper) and stick the “slice” in a Ziploc bag.  Voila!  You just made a piece that is larger than those paltry “sticks” they sell for $7 or more.  Remember to cap off the end of the fire log with a plastic bag and then rubber-band it secure.

There are plenty of metal matches and fire-starting strikers out on the market.  A good metal match is a plus as well, and many of these come in self-contained plastic tubules that prevent the match from getting wet.  They also usually come with a tool to help you strike off sparks.  My preference is the magnesium bar with the flint rod attached to the back of the long edge in a groove.  You shave off shavings of the magnesium bar with a knife and then strike sparks onto the shavings using the flint rod.  Waterproof these with the Ziploc bag or a small Tupperware container.

Lint from the lint-guard of your dryer can be blended with some paraffin to make the fire-starting material. Here’s an easy DIY article to make these. You can also add sawdust, or use it on its own.  Another thing: a small syringe can be a lifesaver if you don’t have any of these materials around.  You can use this syringe to take a small amount of gasoline, oil, alcohol, or other combustible material to inundate either wood shavings, leaves, or other material to make a fire.  There are plenty of small tricks that you can do.  A small 9 Volt battery (rectangular, with male and female terminals) can be placed to touch plain (“unsoaped”) steel wool to produce a flame.

Prep all these materials by making them waterproof or water-resistant whether or not they are already made as such.  The reason being is that protective casings also protect them from spills or contamination by other chemicals or situations.  Preventative measures are always much easier than trying to start at a “deficit” of needing the materials when the “suck” factor (weather, dangerous surroundings, etc.) is high.  Fight that good fight each day, and prep as if there’s no tomorrow.  There probably is, but if it arrives and everything goes down the tubes, you won’t have any more time to prepare.  JJ out!

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition

Money Mondays: 24 Uses for Oranges – Never Waste Another Orange

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Being able to reuse or re-purpose things instead of throwing them away can help you save money.  I’ve written many articles about avoiding waste and have even tried a few tips about other uses for citrus peels.  This article written by my friend Shelli who writes goes even further and provides tips I have not heard of before.  You’re bound to find at least a handful uses you can try now.  If you have other uses we’ve missed, please […]

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Guide To Picking The Best Sleeping Pads For Survival

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Picking the right sleeping pads is something all preppers should consider with great care. Sleep has a direct relationship with just about every other aspect of your life. While a solid night’s sleep can affect our day-to-day life in some important ways, in a survival situation, it means the difference between life and death. There’s … Read more…

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bug Out Bag

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My first bug out bag was a disaster. I crammed it full of random items leftover from camping trips, but I left out many crucial items and added many unnecessary items. One of the biggest problems, however, was the bag itself. I just grabbed an old backpack out of the back of the closet. It […]

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Respiratory Rescue Herbs!

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Respiratory Rescue Herbs
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Audio player below!

On this episode I’m talking about serious remedies for serious respiratory infections. I’ve been horridly sick, and I want to share with you what has worked to get over it, as well as to get some comfort from brutal flu and bronchitis symptoms.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Respiratory Rescue Herbs” in player below!

There is a particularly nasty flu outbreak in my neck of the woods.

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