How To Stock Your Kitchen For Survival

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Have you thought about how to stock your kitchen for survival? If you think about it, in most cases after a disaster, what we have today in our home may be what we will have to eat or drink for days or weeks and possibly, months. Now, this is assuming our home or apartment is still standing. Today, I drove into town (ten miles) and it was beautiful to see the Christmas decorations, like the trees, the brightly colored lights, and Poinsettia plants. I actually ran into a hardware store looking for a pickle crock for my home. I accidentally dropped my favorite one and it broke into bits and pieces. Luckily, the store had the exact one I wanted. It’s a plain and simple cream-colored pickle crock and I love it.

As I walked around the store I could see beautifully wrapped boxes underneath Christmas trees in several locations. I thought to myself, I’m so glad my family is practical, they don’t want or expect a lot for Christmas as far as gifts go. They are thankful for one gift from their parents. Maybe two, and the second one would be underwear and socks. Yay, for new underwear, right?

Practical Gifts

Here’s the deal, if you have ever thought you needed to give practical gifts, this is the year. Just think about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. My heart still aches for the people trying recover from those disasters. Plus, there will be more to come, I promise. We all know that. Please keep in mind I am not, and I repeat, I am not a survivalist. I can survive anything because I am prepared for the unexpected. I will not go up in the hills to a cabin or tent and be ambushed by some crazies out there, and there seems to be a lot of them lately.

We have to remind ourselves we have good people around us, but we need to be prepared to take care of ourselves if we can’t leave our homes. I will not leave my home under any circumstance unless our neighborhood is evacuated or is swallowed up by an earthquake. Please, purchase practical gifts this year that can be used year after year for survival.

Like-Minded People

We need to live near like-minded people and work together as a team. You have heard me say this before, but we must do it now. I don’t have a glass ball that tells me the exact date something will happen. But it seems mother nature is stronger or has more effect on families nowadays than ever before. Maybe it’s because we’ve become more of an urban society living in big cities for the most part. Therefore we must be able to stay in our homes and stock our kitchens for survival. Period.

Tents, Cabins, or Trailers

If you have plans to take a tent somewhere or go to a cabin, drive a motorhome, pull a trailer somewhere, that’s awesome but I don’t have any of those. My home is stocked with food and water for Mark and myself.

Stock Your Kitchen

Here are just a few ideas to remind us all to be prepared before we have to be prepared. We will not be caught off guard, right? Yes, disasters happen, but if our kitchen is stocked with food and water, we can survive. Of course, we need other items, but the local grocery stores will be empty within 24-48 hours if an unforeseen emergency happens. Please buy cloth diapers if you have a baby, I know it’s not in the kitchen, but please get some. If the stores close we will not be able to buy disposable diapers. That one popped into my head, I’m always thinking of other items we will all need. It may be your neighbor’s baby.

Water in the kitchen

If you know me, I recommend four gallons of water per person per day. That may seem like a lot, but you will need a whole lot more than this amount. You may have neighbors that only have the contaminated water from their kitchen faucet if the water lines even work.

Please keep in mind if our water supply is compromised we will not be able to use that hot water heater we all have which may be a 40-50 gallon tank. Your swimming pools will become a haven for algae without electricity. You can purify it if you have water purifiers stocked. I have a Big Berkey and several Life Straws and Berkey Sports Water Bottles. This is somewhat new, Family Life Straw Unit.

You need water for cooking, hydrating yourself, personal hygiene and washing at least your underwear. While we’re talking about it, please give lots of underwear this year to family members for Christmas.

Food in the kitchen

My favorite food storage is from Honeyville Grain and Thrive Life. I only buy freeze-dried fruit, freeze-dried meat, and freeze-dried vegetables. You still need the basics in your kitchen, but just buy an extra can or two every time you have a little extra money. These would make great gifts, hint, hint. I highly recommend Jodi and Julie from Food Storage Made Easy (.net) they sell Thrive Life and they are awesome to work with.

Sign up for their emails and then you can find out when they have sales going on with really good discounts. Here is my post on the basics you need in your kitchen. Basics To Cook With by Linda

I also buy lots of canned beans. I can no longer bottle them because of my arthritic hands, but they taste fabulous! Don’t forget to have at least two to three can openers. You can eat some foods right out of the can. Yes, we can survive with the food we have in our kitchen!


Please store one dollar bills, and five dollar bills, you will need them. Yes, you will need them.

Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world.

My favorite things:

Survival Food Storage by Linda

Butane Stove and Butane Fuel


ReadyMade Food Storage Bucket

Hand-powered mixer

Toilet Paper

Paper Plates and Cold Paper Cups and Hot Paper Cups

Cloth Diapers

Thin Cloth Diapers-Instead of Paper Towels

Cookie Sheets

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