Post Friday Of Color

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I gotta say, I was rather underwhelmed by the offerings during this years Friday of Color’s sale. The most interesting deal I saw was Palmetto State selling complete lowers, with Magpul furniture, for $149.99…that was kinda tempting.

I suspect one reason the bargains were kinda tin was, simply, that everyone has already marked down inventory to try and move the post-election surplus that they were sure was going to turn into gold on November 5th.

And now, the Festivus season approaches. This year has really just whipped by , hasn’t it?

Did anyone get a good deal on anything cool?

And, while we’re on the subject, I’m in the market for some BDU-style pants in ATACS-FG pattern with the usual accoutrements…reinforced knees, lotsa pockets, plenty o’ room in the crotch, etc, etc. if anyone has some reasonably priced recommendations, I’d like to hear ’em.

In the meanttime..keep calm and..well…you know….