A 70-year-old pensioner defends herself & gets charged with an offense!!!

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Now this is morally wrong in all ways. This woman could not possibly know that these people were simply lost & meant no harm, indeed, WE don’t know this for sure. Is the law saying that this woman should open her door to strangers not knowing if they may mean her harm? This woman did the right thing in regards to protecting herself, WHY should she take the strangers word that they were lost & meant no harm? What would you expect a home invader to say facing a women holding a shotgun?!

These government anti-self defence laws are wrong in every way & they need changing or scrapping. We should have a human right to take precautions to protect ourselves when we feel that we may be under threat. This woman seriously & genuinely felt that she was in some danger & took precautions. No one was harmed. Now her gun has been confiscated so she is no longer able to defend herself. DO YOU THINK THIS IS MORALLY RIGHT?