Message to the The Border Mail Newspaper!

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Firearm locked onto stranger’s stomach after GPS makes a wrong turn.

This is blatant biased reporting, the title should read ” A 70 year old pensioner defending herself charged with an offence”

How in the hell was this lady to know these people did not mean her harm? Indeed, how do we know they did not intend her harm? A woman alone is faced with several people on her doorstep & she is genuinely concerned for her safety. We only have the word of these intruders that they were lost, would you believe a story like that?! We still only have their word that they did not intend a home invasion & that the gun was aimed directly at them!

This is morally wrong, this woman SHOULD have the human right to take precautions to keep herself safe. These government anti-self defence laws need changing or scrapping. People are suffering home invasions all the time now, people are getting injured, raped & murdered & the government denies us the right to purchase or carry ANYTHING specifically intended for our defence or the defence of our families.
You should be fighting for our rights to defend ourselves, not fighting against our human rights.

Keith H. Burgess.

If you believe that citizens should have the right to use a gun for self defence against a home invasion, then please email or write the Border Mail regarding this article in their newspaper.

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