When You’re Separated from your Primary Kit – Your Backup EDC Kit

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Do You Have a Backup EDC Kit?


One of the first things new preppers like to do is to put together their own kit.  It is fun and exciting to put together your own kit.  It’s even more fun when you get to use your kit to help practice your preparedness, survival or bushcraft skills. Prepared minded people should carry their kit with them on a regular basis.  But what happens when that kit is lost or stolen?  Do you have a backup EDC kit?

Survival Hax has come out with a pretty robust little EDC Keychain.  It is the 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with Waterproof Pill Bottle.

The kit consists of:

1 – Waterproof EDC container
1 – Paracord – 4 feet when untied
1 – Fishing line
2 – Hooks
2 – Weights
2 – Floaters
2 – Sinkers
2 – Swivels
1 – Knife
1 – Tinder cotton
1 – Firestarter
1 – Saftey Pins
1 – Finger saw
1 – Whistle
1 – Carabiner

Some Observations

When I unscrewed the waterproof pill bottle, I had a hard time getting the fishing gear out of the bottom.  I had to eventually “fish it out” with my knife. However, a simple stick would have worked.  However, I did need a knife to access the rest of the gear inside.  The gear was bunched together with a zip tie (see pic below).  I could have eventually worked it out, but it was on their good!

The hand saw is the type that usually gets a bad reputation out there in survival forums.  However, most don’t use them like they are supposed to be used.  If I was in a survival situation, I would create a bow saw with the rings that are attached to the keychain.  The video below shows you exactly what I’m talking about.



I don’t really like to fish, so I didn’t unwrap all the fishing line.  But my friend Ken over at Survivaltek did a review on this same Keychain and did catch a fish and started a fire.  You can check out his review – CLICK HERE.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t your primary EDC Survival Kit.  This is a secondary or “emergency” one.  The items that make up this Survival Keychain can be used in a real emergency setting if needed.

You can purchase the kit on Survival Hax website or Amazon, where it has 21 reviews and is rated at 4.8 STARS.

The Survival Hax EDC Keychain. *** More in the Profile Link ***

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