DIY Altoids Fire Kit – So You Can Be Manly and Stuff!

Make Your Own Altoids Fire Kit


Every preparedness minded person should know how to make a fire!  You should know this skill even if you live in the city and don’t get out to the wild much!  You never know when you might need to start-up a grill, start a fire to warm yourself or impress that pretty woman with your manly outdoor survival skills! 😉 

Your fire crafting skills should be complemented with a fire kit.  Fire kits don’t have to be very elaborate.  In fact, they should be kept pretty simple.  An example of a fire kit that you can easily put together is this DIY Altoids Fire Kit.

Here are the contents of this Fire Kit:

1 – Altoids Tin

2 – Tea Light Candles

2 – Big Birthday Candles

1 – Mini-Bic Lighter

4-5 – Waterproof/Windproof Matches

1 – Striker (comes with the matches)

1 – Baggy with Cotton Balls and Vaseline 

The contents pack very neatly in the tin!

One word about the matches.  I had every intention of making my very own waterproof matches using Strike Anywhere Matches.  However, I can’t seem to find Strike Anywhere Matches Anywhere!  Even on Amazon, the stock is hit or miss.  I would recommend if you happen to find some, to grab a box or two.  There is one thing to remember about the “NEW” Strike Anywhere Matches.  They are now “green” and don’t have the red phosphorus match head.  Some reviews on Amazon say they don’t work as well as the old red ones, but they seem to be good enough…if you can find them.

I found the UCO Stormproof matches in the camping section of Walmart.  But you can also find them on Amazon – CLICK HERE.  

Check out my video of the UCO Stormproof Matches below.  They are pretty cool!


@ucogear Stormproof #Matches for your #firekit #fire #firecraft

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There are a ton of other natural and man-made items that you can add to your fire kit.  What would you add?

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