Most Popular Ways To Be Happy

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Here are some of the most popular ways to be happy that I’m sharing with you today. If you are like me I gravitate to happy people. I love to hug people, and that makes me happy and giggle. Life is too short to be around grumpy people. Mark and I have moved a few times to different cities and neighborhoods over the years because of job opportunities, outgrowing the home, or other reasons. I wish I had stayed in one certain home, but life brings changes we don’t expect. I have always said, “you can’t buy your neighbors.” Wow, is this ever true, for good or bad.

Do you get frustrated by what you see on the television news? I sure do. Do you get tired of the rants on FaceBook? I do. Here’s the deal, if all we read, hear or see online is sad, mean, grumpy, rants, or negative words, we need to consider quitting watching them. I am. I don’t need this is my life. Is the news important, yes, I do need to keep up on what’s going on in the world, but not every day? I’m done with it. If the stuff you are hearing, reading or listening to is a “Debbie Downer” moment, let it go. You will be a whole lot happier, I promise.

Ways To Be Happy

  1. Smile
  2. Giggle
  3. Hug someone you love
  4. Hug a friend
  5. Meet a friend for lunch
  6. Have friends over to play cards or board games
  7. Fix dinner for a family with sickness
  8. Join a community civic club that helps your city
  9. Help at the food bank
  10. Find a church that serves food to the needy (they need help) on Sundays (St. George, UT has a church that does this)
  11. Go for a walk and look at the clouds
  12. Get up really early and wait for the sun to rise
  13. Show up with a bucket of cleaning supplies to help an elderly neighbor clean bathrooms and change bed sheets
  14. Smile and wave at a neighbor when you get your mail
  15. Sweep a neighbor’s gutter without telling them
  16. Pull a neighbor’s weeds without them seeing you
  17. Put your lawn chairs outside and wait for the sun to set
  18. Invite neighbors to roast marshmallows over a fire pit
  19. Walk around the block and look at the beauty that surrounds your neighborhood
  20. Go golfing, this one’s for Mark
  21. Clean out your refrigerator
  22. Do something just for you, yes you!
  23. Share your cooking skills with neighbors
  24. Teach people to make bread
  25. Make cinnamon rolls for a neighbor or two Linda’s no-fail Cinnamon Rolls
  26. Be kind to people
  27. Hangout with happy people
  28. Start a luncheon group that meets weekly or monthly
  29. Start a coffee group that meets once a week or more
  30. Ride a bike
  31. Go jogging
  32. Go visit a lonely neighbor
  33. Visit a friend at the hospital
  34. Send a card in the mail to a friend
  35. Wash your car
  36. Paint your toenails, get a pedicure
  37. Get your haircut
  38. Call a friend and talk about the good times
  39. Clean your bathrooms, trust me this makes me very happy
  40. Sweep the garage
  41. Clean your kitchen cupboards, donate items you no longer need or want
  42. Wash your windows, nothing is more awesome than freshly cleaned windows
  43. Read a book you’ve been wanting to read
  44. Invite a friend to go to a movie
  45. Buy one day’s worth of water storage, I recommend four gallons per person per day
  46. Purchase the food for your family that you would eat for seven days
  47. Check your flashlights and batteries to make sure they’re working
  48. Buy a solar flashlight
  49. Start a budget and keep to it
  50. Get out of debt
  51. Start a Christmas saving account
  52. Start a savings account for a rainy day
  53. Watch a sports game
  54. Watch a documentary
  55. Start a bucket list and check it off as you can afford to do your dreams
  56. Visit a candy store
  57. Visit a bookstore
  58. Go to the library
  59. Get rid of things that no longer bring you joy
  60. Declutter your stuff
  61. Remove items that are on horizontal counters or dressers, less clutter, more happiness
  62. Do the things that are important to YOU before you can no longer physically do them
  63. Remember happiness is a choice
  64. Say no to the things you do not want to do
  65. Take your dog to the dog park, you will meet awesome people
  66. Coffee shops have the happiest people on earth
  67. Volunteer at a hospital gift shop
  68. Volunteer at your local school
  69. Give blood to The American Red Cross, you will save a life
  70. Take a child or grandchild to a park
  71. Ride your bike
  72. Consider learning a new language
  73. Say a prayer
  74. Send a condolence card
  75. Update your Christmas card list
  76. Contact a friend from high school or college
  77. Take a hot shower
  78. Go swimming
  79. Help a neighbor move
  80. Take a college extension class – learn something new
  81. Eat your favorite dessert
  82. Get your puppy groomed
  83. Make a new wreath for your front door
  84. Polish your shoes
  85. Send a thank you note
  86. Write someone you know in the military or who resides in a rest home
  87. Call your grandma, grandpa or lonely aunt or uncle
  88. Watch your favorite old movie
  89. Volunteer at the local school – tutor
  90. Sing in the shower
  91. Stop a bad habit
  92. Get out of debt
  93. Apologize to someone you upset
  94. Return something you borrowed
  95. Finish this week’s to-do list
  96. Dust that knick-knack shelf
  97. Change the batteries in your smoke alarms
  98. Tell your spouse – significant other you love them more than ever
  99. Say thanks to your mail delivery person
  100. After all this, sleep in next Saturday

Please note some of these ideas to be happy may cost money, but many are FREE to do. Please tell me the things that make you happy and I will add them to my list. May God bless our world.

Clutter-Free by Linda

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