15 Frugal Ways You Can Save Money Today

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I’m all for using frugal ways and saving money each and every day! Here’s the deal, you can start with the ideas I am sharing today and add more as you think of them yourself. I have written about giving up paper and plastic products several times but I feel inspired today to refresh our memories on how easy it is to save money. You may remember the picture below that shows my handy dandy cloth paper towel holder.

I’m sure there are even more ways to save money by using cloth or reusable containers, etc. Here are some of my favorite ones. Thankfully, I’m old enough I don’t have to use those lovely menstrual pads and such but I would use these today to save money as shown below.

Frugal Ways

Paper Towels

I must admit I do not like shopping at any grocery store so it’s one less paper towel I have to purchase only to throw it away after it’s used. Please keep in mind I use paper towels for bacon to drain on and toss the greasy sheets. Once you start using cloth, it’s really hard to even walk by the paper towels at Costco. I just think of the $$$$’s I’m saving. I can hear people now say, “what about all the water, power and soap you are using to wash the cloth items?” I get it, I really do.
The trick here is to get these thin ones: Thin Diapers for Paper Towels

frugal ways
Please keep in mind I use regular paper towels for cooked bacon to drain the grease and toss them.

Reusable Water Containers

This one is fairly simple because we just have to buy some stainless steel water jugs and refill them with our own “good water”. I use Reverse Osmosis, but you may have your own favorite water source. I’m not sure what water is really in the bottles we can buy filled at the local grocery store. I prefer stainless steel because it won’t break when the jug slips out of my hands. Here are some I like: Stainless Steel Water Jugs

Use Cloth Diapers

I know, I can hear some people now, no way am I using cloth diapers.


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