Permaculture Farm seeks young experienced farming couple

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We have 88 acre fully off-grid permaculture farm in Sorrento, BC, Canada. Purchased property in 2013 and now have gone fully off grid and developed small scale production of poultry meat, eggs, lamb, beef, and a variety of fruit trees, raspberry strawberries, asparagus, and vegetable gardens. We have also started planting for a apple cidery with our first 400 apple trees started in a nursery. We want to continue expanding the farm activities with a goal of being sustainable for food and cashflow within the next 5 years. We seek a young couple or person(s) experienced in successful sustainable organic or permaculture market gardening, greenhouse food production, to join us. We are planning to build and install year round geo air greenhouse(s) as well as pasture based layer mobile coops and rotating pasture management as well as expanding our pasture meat bird production and local food marketing including website and social marketing and developing a CSA program. If you are keen to go off grid, interested in farming full time, not afraid of working outdoors year round and going totally off grid for power, food, water, etc. than send us your details and we can discuss further.

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