Mountain House musings

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I hate that every time I find a product I like, it gets discontinued. Such is the case with one Mountain House’s recently introduced goodies. A while back , the sales department sent me some of their newer offerings. One of them was Italian Style Pepper Steak with Rice and Tomatoes. Darn good, I tell ya. So, I figured I’d get around to ordering a case or two of the #10 cans of the stuff. Sold out. Truth be told, the pouches are rated for seven years but, in the real world, they last a lot longer if you store ’em in a safe place. I may have to order a couple cases to round things out.

It occurs to me that I have quite a few samples of MH’s stuff laying around so I may as well do some reviews of it. Have to get on that this weekend. BUT…the pepper steak? Good eats,  man.

Food is that one consumable that, other than water and oxygen, you pretty much have to have on hand if youre going to survive whatever apocalypse you’re expecting. I mean, lotsa people make it though hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and economic crises without firing a shot … but no one goes through them without eating.

MH has added a buncha new foods since I last stocked up. (A quick perusal shows that the last group buy was around….2008?) I wonder if it’s time to try and coordinate another one? They are tremendous pains in the ass to put together, but the discounts are usually worth it. I’ll have to give it some thought. Usually it takes a commitment of about $3500 to get the free freight…which is a big deal because getting a couple pallets trucked over from Oregon is about $350 all by itself. But..getting enough people to commit to buying enough food to reach that minimum, collecting money, repackaging and reshipping…man, thats some work.

In a perfect world I’d simply order $3500 worth of food for myself, tuck it away, and cross ‘food’ off my list. But…it’s going to be a while before I have that kinda disposable income.