Brother Mike Parker, you will be missed

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It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we at AroundTheCabin must announce that we have lost part of our family over the weekend. Mr. Mike Parker, our brother, our friend, our teacher, has taken the last train to Glory.

We will miss the knowledge he shared, the humor he gave, and the caring nature of the man. The loss cannot be calculated in normal terms… It feels as if a vital organ has stopped working, or a limb has been removed. The pain is a real, physical thing.

Mike Parker was not just a normal guy. He lived big, and touched others with his selfless nature. Mike really would give you the shirt off his back if he saw that you needed it. Then he would teach you to make a second one, so you would never go wanting again. Then he would teach you how to knap an arrowhead, so you would not go hungry.

He was also a Student of Life. He loved to learn about nature. In turn, he shared what he learned, asking very little in return. The stories from life on the road with the AroundTheCabin crew are legend, and the legends will grow over time. Midnight wild edible walks in fields by freeways come to mind as I write this. An even better story involves bamboo stalks seen dancing as we walked through a parking lot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mike Parker cannot be replaced. But we can honor the man, and make sure that his legacy lives on. We will pass on the knowledge that Mike gave to us so unselfishly.

Our hearts go out to his family in this terrible time. Mike’s wife and daughter are also family to us, and they are in our prayers.

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